Getting Ready for an MBA Course in London

by - Monday, February 25, 2013

The Masters of Business Administration [MBA] is one of the most well respected industry qualifications available. A number of UK institutions feature the MBA course on their syllabus and international students regularly travel to London to undergo their studies.

Yet for non-native students, it’s tough to perform at your academic best if you don’t feel comfortable and at-home. If you’re preparing to start your MBA course in a UK school, here’s a look at how to best prepare for life in this exciting and diverse city.
For international students undertaking the MBA, grappling with intricate business terms can be tricky enough on its own. If you try to master the coursework when your English language skills aren’t up to scratch, it will be reflected in your academic results.

Mastering the local language is vital for anyone studying a course abroad. Improving your English skills will help you to develop better communication with your teachers and your fellow students, and generally feel more comfortable living and studying in such a new environment.

Not only will better English skills help you to gain a stronger grasp of your coursework, it will also open up doors in the future business world. English is the most commonly spoken language in international business circles, and bettering your skills is a great way for improving your job prospects for the future.

● Leave time to see the sights

One of the most rewarding things about studying abroad is the opportunity to visit the fascinating local attractions. England is a country that’s bursting with interesting historical sites, museums, galleries and attractions – so leave plenty of time to explore them.

Be sure to check out the shopping on Oxford Street, catch a live show at a West End theatre and enjoy a traditional English High Tea complete with scones, jam and cream.

Not only are these experiences great in their own right, they’re also an excellent way of improving your confidence in a new city. Catching public transport, handling currency and chatting to locals in English are all great ways of preparing for your academic semester.

● Secure a mentor

They always say the best restaurants and social spots are the ones that are frequented by locals. Finding a UK local to act as your mentor is a great way to get to know the city better, as they can suggest the best places to eat, drink and meet new friends.

Universities and colleges often run a buddy programme for new international students, so make sure you enquire about any potential mentoring opportunities.

● Take a summer course

One of the best ways to prepare yourself for studying abroad is to take a pre-semester course, like a summer English school in London. This is an excellent method for getting your English language skills up to scratch, not to mention becoming better acquainted with the city.

Finally, because doing a pre-course preparation semester is such a popular option for international MBA students, it’s also an excellent way to meet new people and start making some friends. If you’re interested in finding out about preparation courses, why not visit www.malvernhouse.com today for more information?

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