How to Feel Young Despite Your Age

by - Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I have to admit, a few weeks before turning 30, I panicked.  I wanted to hold on to 29 but time would not let me.  That thing they call “midlife crisis”?  ---  Oh, for some reason it did hit me hard!  But like everyone else does, I got over it.  Life moves on and time brutally doesn’t wait for anyone.

I am now 34, happily enjoying life minus the stress age brings.  This coming October I’ll be climbing up another number and to be frank, I am not afraid.  Age is there and getting old is a reality.  The great thing is, I don’t feel that old at all!  My formula on how to feel young despite my age?  Check them out below.  They’re really simple, promise!

● Have a happy heart.  It’s all about your attitude!

With stress here and there, you can’t always have that perfect morning everytime you get up from your bed.  But as they say, it’s all about your attitude!  Even though negative energies at times turn your smile into a frown, instead of being angry, take time to cherish the wonderful sunshine and the aroma of your freshly brewed coffee.  Smile, carry a happy heart and be thankful for another day.  After all, challenges make life interesting, don’t they?  Facing a new day with positivity lessens stress and less stress keeps those wrinkles away!

● Live a balanced healthy life.

People usually say, “Live a healthy life” but that’s not really me.  A balanced healthy life for me is way better and less boring.  A boring lifestyle isn’t fun, is it?

Take your vitamins that are essential in keeping your skin healthy.  Vitamin A, B Complex, C, D and E are nutrients that play an important role in your skin care list.  That being said, I suggest that you don’t deprive yourself from your cravings.  Go eat some veggies and fruits but also grab yourself those tempting chocolate, candies and cakes.  Drink freshly pressed juice and green tea yet do not stop yourself from enjoying a glass of cold soda and adding sugar to your coffee.  But remember to do everything in moderation!  Balance, get it?

● Stand up for your health.

Even Sheldon [The Big Bang Theory] does not sit all day in his favorite spot.  So no matter how much your comfy couch is calling your name, fight the temptation.  If you’re up for it, catch some fresh air - put on your jogging outfit and run outside for a few minutes.  If not, step onto your crosstrainer, exercise bike or treadmill then do some sit ups and crunches in the comfort of your living room while watching a great movie or a good show on telly.  If you’re aim is to hit two birds with one stone, then clean your house or flat.  Whichever which way, you’ll be burning those unwanted calories.

Don’t forget to drink loads of water to avoid dehydration.  If you want, you can also incorporate L-Carnosine Nutrient Complex into your chosen workout routines.  Studies show that L-Carnosine reduces fatigue and dehydration thus helping you maintain good energy levels.  L-Carnosine is also an antioxidant which aids in keeping your skin smooth, soft and healthy.

These are only three important things on my list on how to feel young no matter how high your number is.  Of course, there’s enough rest and sleep, saying no to smoking, making and following your skin care routine and more!

How about you?  What are your basic tips on how to feel young despite the numbers?

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