How to Light-up Your Bedroom

by - Wednesday, February 06, 2013

When decorating a bedroom, light features often get overlooked in favour of colour schemes and furnishing. Lighting is not only important to make the bedroom look as chicly curated as the rest of the house - but also to create an atmosphere that is conducive to sleep and relaxation, while still providing illumination for everyday tasks such as getting dressed or reading in bed. The best way to achieve this is to play around with a variety of light sources; a trick the design pros call “light layering”.

Layer ambient ceiling lights with task lights and accent lights on the wall to create a visual drama that really opens up your space. London-based lighting stockist Geoffrey Harris has an abundant selection for which you could incorporate into your bedroom. I’ve put together bedroom wall lighting ideas and ceiling lighting ideas to guide you. Just remember that, like any design, there aren’t any set rules.

Ceiling Lighting

The Bevel 450 from Astro diffuses light beautifully, and is ideal for low ceiling rooms or anyone who finds bulbs unsightly. The off-white shade cotton shade makes it a classic for a pared down interior, or if you just want to let the rest of the room do the talking. Alternatively, the Quadra is equally simple, but its matt glass square shape will add a touch of charisma to your space.

Gorgeous Pendant Light:

Wall Lighting

Both the Hector wall lights and the Bestlite BL6 and BL7 provide an intense light without creating glare. They can be mounted with no messy wiring, and are great as bedside reading lights, or placed over cabinets and dressing tables.

In addition to task lighting, consider a more decorative approach. Mount a small Bestlite wall light to accentuate a painting, or at an angle beside a mirror. These pools of light add dimension and depth to a bedroom. The Butterfly small wall lamp, designed by Høvik Lys for Northern Lighting, emits a warm glow from both upwards and downwards It has a simple shape makes it versatile-- use alone or group them together for a decorative effect. If you do not have a ceiling fixture [or have a large room], these look great higher up the wall. Or if you are feeling more playful, mount them at different angles across a wall. The result is strikingly pretty.

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