I Got Me-Self a Pretty Blue Dress

by - Thursday, February 28, 2013

It might have taken almost one month for my order to arrive at our doorstep but it’s worth the wait!  As mentioned on a previous blog post [My Tuesday and Cha-Ching! --- A New Dress for Me!], I ordered dresses [Quite a few.  Five to be exact] on eBay and since delivery time via ordinary mail from Asia to Sweden takes like forever, having eBay items reach our mailbox always comes as a surprise!  Shallow as it probably sounds but the feeling’s dramatically breathtaking.

Today, work ended at 4PM.  I dropped by the two clothing boutiques on my way home but here’s the good thing… despite loads of items on huge sale, I left both stores without buying anything.  Compared to my shopping addiction during my one-week London vacation, saying no to temptation sometimes feels absolutely great!

When I arrived in our flat, I checked the mailbox [as always] and ta-dah… a package!  It was one of those purchased I made on eBay --- the pretty blue dress!  Yehey!

That Pretty Blue Dress:

The color is so beautiful.  The style and the cut are simple yet gorgeous.  Those lace details on the neckline and sleeves add cuteness to the piece.  I heart it!  I am so happy I bought it.  No regrets!

Two have arrived, three more to go!  I can hardly wait to have all five in my possession.  Well, well… it’s just a matter of time.  Woot woot!

Looking back --- those huge screaming banners posted everywhere inside The Harlequin Shopping Centre, Watford were so inviting and tempting.  I ended up leaving that mall with quite a load of shopping bags!  Oh yeah.  Vinyl banners printing – business establishments investing in attractive and captivating ads, most of the times, end up gaining more clients.

Happy Friday everyone! 

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