My New Vintage Tote Bag in Brown

by - Thursday, February 07, 2013

Finally!  I had the time to pose in front of the camera with my newly purchased tote bag.  Well, at least one of my three new handbags.  Woot woot!

It was my first time to put it to use and was so amazed that the bag was able to hold my pair of kitchen pants, my bib chef apron, chef coat, a pair of thick socks, my wallet, a tube of hand lotion and keys.  The bag’s also light making it easier for me to carry to work.

I like the color a lot.  It’s yellowish brown which matches the color of one of my pairs of winter boots that I have recently bought from my favorite shoe store downtown.

The tote bag [up close and personal]:

The winter boots:

The bag’s absolutely lovely!  I have no regrets investing some of my earnings on this bag.  It’s such a lovely addition to my collection of handbags.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to one day get myself a walk-in wardrobe so I no longer need to squeeze them all in a tiny cabinet in our hallway.

I’ll create another post about the other two bags I’ve freshly bought from the internet some weeks ago.

Oh… and yesterday… just before fixing dinner, I ordered a pair of Timberland boots via the internet.  It will probably be at our doorstep by Monday.  Yehey!  Can hardly wait! 

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