Should Husbands Buy Their Wives Mother’s Day Gifts?

by - Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mother’s Day often creates the opposite effect on its desired intention. If you want to know what your mum thinks of you, a forgotten gift or card can give an answer pretty quickly. So here’s the thing: should a husband buy his wife a Mothers Day gift [http://www.gonedigging.co.uk/mothers-day-gifts/]? Well, this is definitely a subject up for debate. Let’s take a look...

Reasons not to Buy Your Wife Mothers Day Gifts:● She’s Not Your Mother

For 364 days of the year, your wife will say, “I’m not your mother.” Should you really be sending mixed messaged by purchasing her Mother’s Day gifts?

● You Have Other Days to Celebrate Your Wife

March 10th is primarily aimed at kiddies to pay tribute to their doting mums. Why not save yours and your wife's lovey-dovey celebrations for Valentine’s Day? And let’s not forget her birthday, a day on which you can lavish her with love. Not only that, your anniversary’s a great time to show your appreciation for your wife’s role in your life. It’s probably best to save the Mothers Day presents for your own mum.

Reasons why you should Buy Your Wife Mothers Day Gifts:● Be the Rescuer

Every mum [http://www.gonedigging.co.uk/mothers-day-gifts/] loves it when her little one makes a gift – something that shows their creativity and affection. Though, more often than not, these homemade gifts for Mothers Day get locked away in a memory box only to be hauled out years later when your tenacious teen's driving you insane and you wonder why you had kids in the first place. But as lovely as these pressies are, a mum is often left holding a paper plate covered with dried pasta and clumpy glue, with her joyful tot exclaiming, “That’s a picture of you, Mummy!” Ultimately, this can leave a mum with an abrupt drop in self-esteem, as she realises her little one views her as a macaroni monster. This is where you swoop in as the hero, producing a delightful gift for Mothers Day. It’s a sure-fire way of consigning the bizarre kiddie craft into a pleasant conversation piece – instead of it being the main present.

● Like for Like

Here’s the thing. The beauty of Mother’s Day falling before Father’s Day is that you as the dad get to set the tone. If you brush March 10th under the carpet, you can kiss good-bye to receiving anything when Father’s Day rolls around. If you set the bar high for Mother’s Day, your wife will have no choice but to reciprocate. Shaming and forcing your other half into buying a gift — isn’t that what special occasions are really all about?
So, there you go – a few reasons why and why not to buy your wife Mother’s Day gifts. What’s it to be? That's for you to decide.

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