When Art and Fashion Collide

by - Tuesday, February 12, 2013

With every fashion season that passes we are seeing more and more influences from history and art, that are turning fashion away from just being clothing, into an integral aspect of our cultural history. Fashion, art and interior design now go hand in hand, which is definitely something that we should be celebrating.

So with this in mind, here are the trends for Spring/Summer 2013 that proudly have their roots in art history and design.

The Classic Raincoat and L S Lowry

This is an absolute must for this spring, as the humble Mac and rain wear has made its way to the catwalks. We all know the history of the Macintosh but raincoats for 2013 have taken a new and more interesting direction, so for this post I have picked this Ventile Jacket [http://www.privatewhitevc.com/online-shop/outerwear/ventile.html] from Private White VC. Not only does this jacket hit the primary colour trend, it has been meticulously designed to represent the industrial era in Manchester, especially the paintings of L S Lowry. If you have seen the paintings of Lowry's Manchester, then you will notice the similarities between the cut and style of this raincoat, it really is a statement of the era!
This type of raincoat is known as the SB fly front and has been on the fashion scene since the 1900's when they were a traditional type of work wear, I love the fact that they have now become this breakthrough men's staple; it's a lovely way to honour fashions past!

If you are buying this for yourself or for the man in your life, I would team with a classic pair of straight leg jeans and boots. The boots will add a military feel to the outfit and lift the look, and remember that this doesn't have to just be worn in the rain, it is also perfect for the office and for the bar afterwards = Perfect!

The Work Dress and Gustav Klimt

Just like the men's rain coat, there are many options for women that prove that fashion is simply a wearable art, and these dresses [as shown below] are among my list of favourites! There have been many patterns that have arisen over the seasons that just make me think of certain artists such as Picasso and Warhol; this season is proving to be no different with a Klimt inspired flurry of patterns out there.
Out of all the contenders for this print, I had to choose these three for their versatility and how closely related they are to the artist’s use of colour pallet and design. These TopShop [http://www.topshop.com/] gems are perfect for work wear [except for the first one of course which is perfect for clubbing and parties!]. But even better is that the wedding season is nearly here and any of these three would make a great day dress! Matched with a pair of wedged sandals and a clutch bag, you have the perfect party outfit.  Throw on some ballet pumps and a cardigan for a vintage inspired work outfit! I love it!

As long as you style this dress right, it will exude that feeling of love and decadence that Klimt is so well known for, just think of it as a modern day version of 'The Kiss'.

The nice thing about both of these art inspired items is that they are versatile and would make great gifts for Valentine's day, which is fast approaching!

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