A Guide to the Best Fashion Events in Milan

by - Friday, March 29, 2013

Milan is synonymous with high fashion and luxury boutiques, and if you're as interested in clothes and shopping as I am, you'll be keen to explore what the Italian city has to offer. It hosts a number of fashion-related events throughout the year, many of which are well worth checking out.

From January 12th to the 15th Milan Fashion Week was held, and if you coincide your holiday with next year's event, you should keep your eyes peeled for the influx of famous models, magazine editors and celebrities who flock to the city during this period.

Some of the designers who showcased their latest outfits include Prada, Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani, Versace and Dolce & Gabbana, so you can get an idea of the calibre of fashion houses that take part in this world-renowned event.

The bars and restaurants are bustling more than usual during this period, making the atmosphere in the city electric. Milan's shops are also a hotbed of activity during January thanks to the post-Christmas sales. If you start saving now, you could find yourself with plenty of money to treat yourself to a designer item or two during your holiday.

From hidden boutiques in quiet streets to the renowned Fashion Quadrilateral, you will find a store to suit your tastes and budget. To save you traipsing around the entire city, there are some streets in particular that I think you should hit.

Corso Venezia should be on your itinerary, with the first part of the street home to an array of stores displaying the biggest fashion brands. Corso Buenos Aires - a continuation of Corso Venezia - spans 1 km and is packed with every shop you can imagine, from sport equipment and books to jewellery and shoes.

Via Savona, meanwhile, is a part of Milan where you will find fashion studios, workshops, showrooms and photography premises, and you can usually spot these buildings by looking out for skylights and huge windows.

There are many more shopping streets I can mention, but my final must-visit one is Corso di Porta Ticinese. This is where the vintage and alternative stores can be found, as well as ethnic, tailor-made and one-off garments.

January is a fantastic month to visit Milan, not only because of the fashion shows and sales, but also because it's when the International Home Show takes place. This is where the best of interior brands reveal their latest designs in areas such as accessories, kitchenware and gifts.

March is a popular time of the year to visit the Italian destination too, and this is because several other major events take part then. MIPEL is the international leather goods fair and has been running since 1962. It's also held in September if this is a better time for you to book a holiday, and you can expect to see wallets, handbags and luggage, among other items, on show.

You might also like to check out MICAM SHOEVENT, and you'll need to head to the Rho fair district to see the preview of the next year's shoe collections.

It's a good idea to book flights, accommodation and airport car hire well in advance during major fashion events, as that way you are guaranteed to have the dates, hotel and vehicle you want, rather than leaving it too late and potentially missing out.

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