Holiday in Spain- What to Do and Where to Go

by - Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Did you know that Spain is ranked second when it comes to counting the highest number of UNESCO World Heritage sites on the planet? This itself indicates that this tranquil and rejuvenating nation has several types of attractions to offer, right from ancient quarters to modern avenues, from monuments to gardens and from diverse cultural events to thrilling adventures. In addition, the availability of several comfortably accessible transportation choices makes the country one of the easiest European destinations to explore. Due to several spots to explore and activities to do, it can be often confusing to narrow your list of attractions. So, here are the must-to-explore places and attractions in Spain.

In Madrid

The capital city itself is embellished with several sites and activities. However, some of the marvellous attractions here are the Prado museum, the bull fight event and the former capital city of Toldeo located in the south. The Prado is the planet’s leading art museum with over 3,900 art pieces that reflect the history of Spain along with the art revolution. Several artworks showcased here were the assets of the Spanish kings and encompass the talent of Fra Angelico, Raphael, Goya, Caravaggio and Botticelli. Then, the event of bull fighting is one of the most debated but exciting traditions of Spain. Although other towns conduct this event during the spring or summer, Madrid's Las Ventas Bullfighting Ring is held regularly. However, just remain as a careful spectator as bulls have the record of harming the audience as well. Finally, do explore the old capital of Toledo that is known by its brilliant Alcázar and cathedral – the house of striking El Greco paintings. This famous artist has once made his dwelling here.

In Granada

This tourist city is well known for its Moorish marvel, La Alhambra. It is a fortified palace whose vast complex covers a big area of the city. Alhambra is regarded as one of the greatest illustrations of Islamic fine arts. Today, the complex is filled with lush gardens, the Alcazaba as the fortress from where you enjoy breath-taking views of the city, orchards, and chambers. It is advisable to spend one full day here and book your tickets in advance, especially if it is summer. If you are coming in winter, then Granada acts as a ski resort for you with five primary skiing regions located in the Pyrenean, Cantabrian and southern Sierra Nevada ranges.

In Barcelona

Start by taking a walking excursion of Antoni Gaudi's Art Nouveau marvels. This is where you will come across the incredible constructions namely; Sagrada Familia that’s the global figure of Barcelona, a church known for its curves and towers, Park Guell for afternoon chill and a public square with sculptures, benches and dwellings. All of these art pieces reveal Gaudi's elucidation of an uptown city. The Sagrada Familia is unfinished due to Gaudi’s death after which nobody took up this project. Despite this, the edifice features amazing Gothic style in the form of piers, vaults and sidewall.

Finally, take a tour of the Las Ramblas – the famous avenue for pedestrians who love to explore markets, cafes and restaurants. Spend one full day here to discover some hidden gems to taste some delectable dishes of Spain.

In Sevilla

This Andalucía's self-indulgent capital is the dreamy city of Spain featuring natural beauty in the form of horde of flamencos. The main attractions here are the thin streets of the Jewish quarter, cathedral as the largest gothic temple and third largest Christian holy place on the planet, tapas bars and La Giralda that was the former mosque’s minaret as well as the highest tower on the planet during its construction. It is advisable to come here during Easter to be a part of Semana Santa festival.

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