How I Jumpstart My Body’s Energy Level After Those Long Working Hours In The Big Kitchen

by - Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fact is, I am not one of the busiest creatures on earth [which by the way is something I am thankful for].  However, when long working hours hit my schedule, it really gets intense.  Working in the kitchen is like a roller coaster ride.  It’s full of surprises.  It’s a challenging, thrilling and awesome job all rolled into one.  Tiresome?  Yah, bet ‘cha!  But as they say… if you love your job, no matter how energy draining it is, you still end your shift with a happy heart.  True!

The team: Fun while in the middle of a super busy kitchen sched’:

So, how do I jumpstart my body’s energy level right after work?  Thing is, I don’t really have a particular routine.  Once I am home, I simply listen to what my body needs.  If it needs rest, I take an hour’s nap.  If not, I make myself a huge cup of caffè latte [all thanks to my Nespresso machine] or a tall glass of hot chocolate.  These two are my soothing drinks of choice during the long cold Swedish winter months.  Perfect while watching movies and TV shows.  Also great companies when chatting on Yahoo or Facebook with family and friends.

When my mood fancies music, I put my earphones on, scroll up and down my phone’s music list, pick an album and listen to my favorite songs.  This helps me relax a lot.  Oftentimes, it helps me doze off to a much awaited power nap!  My Nokia Lumia 920’s 4G LTE [Long Term Evolution] never fails to provide me with fast speeds when I’m at home, at work or out on a run.  Love this phone, mucho!

By the way, if your mobile is still powered with 3G connectivity, you might as well take a look at a selection of handy and useful 3G repeaters to feed your mobile device the stable 3G signal it deserves.  In today’s world of modern technology, stable connectivity especially for people on the go is a must.  And while your at it, you’ll probably want to check out one more techy gadget referred to as the spy earpiece and get that James Bond feeling!

My new best friend since 14 February 2013: the awesome Nokia Lumia 920

One more thing, turning on my portable karaoke machine gives me joy and turns me into an energetic person even after attending to my strenuous working hours in the big kitchen.  Why is it that at this very moment, I have this feeling that I want to sing my lungs out!

Perhaps it’s time to park my pen [the keyboard, I mean] for awhile and give in to my karaoke craving. 

Ciao for now and have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!

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