How to Enjoy a Romantic Getaway on a Budget

by - Friday, March 15, 2013

If you are looking for a romantic getaway for your honeymoon, or just because you want to enjoy a vacation together, then one of the biggest things to consider will be the cost. Those who have just got married will have spent a lot of money on their big day, as will those who have been involved in the wedding, such as the mother of the bride. Here are some great ways to enjoy the perfect romantic getaway on a smaller budget.

● Cut down on the little things

If you are planning your honeymoon then you may wish to think about cutting down on the smaller things to be able to afford a nicer vacation. This could mean thinking about the costs of the big day itself too! Of course the most important thing about your wedding will be your outfits and no expense must be spared on those, but what else could you consider cutting down on? Perhaps you could make your own invitations instead of buying them. Maybe even make your own decorations as well! There are many things that you can borrow or ask for as gifts to help reduce the cost of your big day, which will then give you more money to spend on your romantic retreat!

● Pick when to go and when to book

A little known fact is that many holiday companies will reduce costs when they are less busy, just like shops have sales. You will find that booking a holiday during October or January, even if you want to go at peak times, will save you quite a lot of money! If you would rather book in the middle of the year, when your wedding is for example, then take a look through 'off season' deals for your chosen destination. Busy times are a lot more expensive, will have a lot more tourists and will therefore not be as romantic as a quiet getaway for two.

● Adding the luxurious touches

If you are on a tight budget but would like a honeymoon or romantic getaway that is luxurious then there are several (cheaper) ways of achieving this. Firstly, letting the travel agent, or booking company, know that it is a honeymoon or anniversary trip may entitle you to some free extras. This could be anything from fruit in your room to an upgraded suite. You can also create your own luxury by taking massage oils with you (make sure you check the airlines rules on liquids) and giving your loved one a back massage, instead of paying out for a spa.
There are plenty of ways that you can enjoy a romantic getaway on a budget. For those who are planning their honeymoon then perhaps ask your friends and family for help with the costs as a wedding gift. If you are planning a romantic holiday for another reason, the mother of the bride wanting to treat herself for example, then make use of booking agents' deals online and over the telephone.
About the author: Article written by Robert Kirk who works as a consultant for Frox of Falkirk a company in UK who deal in mother of the bride and groom outfits.

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