How to Make Your Business Cards Stand Out

by - Wednesday, March 27, 2013

One of the most influential marketing tools that we have available is one that has been around for many years now, but is often undervalued in helping to attract new business or to retain existing customers and clients. Business cards are small enough to be subtle, and large enough to get the message across, portraying your brand name and values in an understated way and also providing the essential contact details to help seal the deal or stay in the mind of the person or firm you’ve just met with.

The problem arises when you’re at a conference or trade show, and you’re given tons of different cards from all kinds of people wanting you to use their services or for them to use you. You might get back to the office and tip out your jacket pocket to find twenty different cards and you’ve no idea which one was that guy you enjoyed speaking to and which was the one you couldn’t wait to get away from!

As the person handing out your card, you want to ensure that you’re never in that situation where you or your card are forgotten, mixed in with loads of other cards and cast aside. You want to stand out so that you attract new business to your company, or get that quote you need to help with your future plans. It’s not as simple as the common misconception, being that you make a bright card in a really modern colour so that it’s instantly eye-catching; as to many this can be garish and unprofessional.

So how do you create that card that sets you apart from the garish and unprofessional, and puts you into the appealing and professional bracket? Here are five key factors that need to be taken into account, whether you’re getting your business card printing online or getting it done by a designer in-house, a one-size-fits-all guide if you like:

● Colours

Certain colours have specific psychological effects on people, a bit like a red rag to a bull! It’s been proven that some colours sell and some don’t, so incorporating those right ‘psychological’ colours into your business card is key. However, you shouldn’t forget the fact that your brand probably has its own colour as well and some colours will clash and become really unattractive so you’ll need to consider this when it comes to the design.

● Details

If the person you’ve given your card to is going to get in touch with you, then you need to include all of the contact details that will help to make it as easy as possible to do so. If you just include the office phone number, for instance, they have one method of contacting you, and if you don’t answer the phone because you’re away from your desk that message may never get passed on. If you include your email address, social networking details and, optionally, your mobile number; you make it much simpler for people to get in touch.

● Brand Name / Logo

You want to ensure that you card clearly shows the name or logo of the company too, but without being overbearing. If you’re essentially shouting your company name at the person reading the card, they’re not going to be impressed; while similarly having your logo too small – or not including it at all – isn’t going to help you get business.

● Your Services

It will also help your case to include a brief summary of the services you offer, helping to remind the person just what it is you do. You may have had a highly interesting or productive conversation when you met, for example, and what your company does or your strategies may have been a part of that and it could have stuck in their mind. Without turning your card into an essay, detailing what you do and what makes you stand out from the crowd will help make your business card much more effective.

● Font

Possibly the most important part, make sure it is easy to read. It’s all well and good using all the fancy fonts and making them look really elaborate, but if people can’t read them, they can’t contact you – and it’s a big no no if you work in content creation for instance! Choose a font that looks attractive, but is also easy to read.

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