Planning An Unusual Wedding: Things To Think About

by - Monday, March 25, 2013

Not everyone's perfect wedding takes place in a church with a reception at a standard venue afterwards; in fact, more and more people are choosing to have their nuptials in unusual settings, with everything from barns and fields to lighthouses and castles now places where you can tie the knot.

However, planning a wedding in an unusual location means there are a few things to consider that you wouldn't necessarily need to worry about if you were going for a more standard setting. Here are just some of the most important aspects of your day to bear in mind.

● Travel

Choosing a weird and wonderful venue for your nuptials may mean that you have to go slightly off the beaten track, which could make it trickier for your guests to get to the venue. It may also mean there isn't a large amount of accommodation nearby where people can stay overnight, so make sure you think about not only how people will be travelling to/from your wedding, but also whether they're likely to want to stay.

If your chosen venue is in a place that's difficult to find - or simply one where there is very limited parking - consider asking your guests to meet at a more convenient location and hire a coach to take them to the venue.

You may also decide that offering a coach to take guests to a hotel when the wedding has finished is a good move, particularly if the nearest accommodation is some distance away.

● Comfort

In some venues - especially those that are on the rustic side [think barns, treehouses and marquees in fields] - you won't have a heating or cooling system, which could make the day uncomfortable for you and your guests depending on the season and the weather.

You should therefore look into hiring the relevant equipment to ensure the temperature of your venue stays constant and pleasant for the duration of your special day. In the summer, you will need to search for suitable air conditioning rental equipment, while in the winter you should seek out heaters that can warm the space.

● Catering logistics

The majority of weddings will involve some form of meal, whether it's a full three-course sit-down affair or a buffet. Should you be intending to not only have your ceremony, but also the reception, in an out-of-the-way venue, you need to think very carefully about your catering arrangements.

Firstly, are there facilities for the caterers to prepare hot meals onsite, or will they need to bring all the necessary kitchen equipment with them? If the latter is the case, keep your food simple. Go for a buffet where people can help themselves, for instance, rather than a more formal meal, and pick foods that are easy to prepare and that can be eaten hot or cold. This will not only make it easier to cater for your guests, but should also minimise waste as people can continue to eat throughout the day if they wish to.

● Does the weather matter?

If you're hoping to have an open-air wedding, make preparations for bad weather. As the old saying goes, 'hope for the best but plan for the worst'. Think about how you can protect your guests from the elements if the heavens open - have umbrellas available or look into the possibility of erecting a marquee or gazebo on short notice if it looks like the weather won't be in your favour.

Do you have any tips for couples planning a wedding in an unusual location? Let us know in the comments section below.

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