The Isaac Wedding Proposal [Bruno Mars - Marry You]

by - Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Every now and then, I see friends posting cute and heart warming flash mob wedding proposals videos that they share from YouTube.  Just when you thought you’ll one day outgrow those on-cloud-nine senses whenever you find romance in the air, you realize that you can’t simply throw away such powerful emotions.  There are even moments when we lose focus on those sparkling diamond engagement rings as we find ourselves so overwhelmed with all the enchanting effort the boyfriend, family and friends put together to come up with really memorable proposals.

Speaking of marriage proposals via flash mobs, so far, the Isaac Wedding Proposal [Bruno Mars - Marry You] is the most delightful and lovely to watch.  What?  You haven’t seen it yet?  Well, here it goes:

Flash Mob: The Isaac Wedding Proposal [Bruno Mars - Marry You]

Inspiring video, isn’t it?  Has it melted your heart, made you cry and made you put on that smile on your face while watching the whole video?

How about you?  Have your one true love found you or are you still waiting for that final moment for the two of you to cross paths?  If you’re already in the arms of your knight in a shining armour, remember to keep the love alive.  If you’re at the moment a damsel in distress, don’t worry as love will find a way.

Have a fabulous day everyone!

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