This Summer: A Beach Getaway, Please.

by - Friday, March 29, 2013

Winter has been around for too long this season.  Believe me.  Up to this minute, it’s still a winter wonderland out there!

As much as I love the beauty snow brings, I so look forward to spring and eventually summer!  Bebe and I have been talking about flying somewhere in July or August for a seven-day [at least] vacation.  You bet.  My heart is shouting – A beach getaway, please!  Although still indefinite, chances are we’ll be traveling to a warm sunny city/town/island.  May it be in Cap Ferret in France, Rabbit Beach in Italy or Iztuzu Beach Dalyan in Turkey it does not matter.  Just bring us there!

What are my beach must-haves?  Here they are:

● Bandeau Bikini

Since a week in a tropical paradise is a form of luxury [that hardworking people like us deserve, of course], I’ll definitely get myself two or three pairs of sexy multi-tasker bandeau bikinis

● Waterproof Sunscreen Lotion

I love the beach and I love my skin so sunscreen on the beach is a must!

● Sunglasses

I still haven’t found time to visit my optometrist but I will certainly do it soon.  A pair of prescription sunglasses for summer is a sure necessity. 

● Beach Towels

Oh yes!  Those really big ones!

● Protective Hat

I can’t remember the last time I purchased one for myself.  Since I misplaced my old one, a protective hat for the beach has now been added to my wish list.  Gotta protect my face from those harmful rays of the sun while of course, trying to look pretty.

Flip Flops and Tote Bag

Summer is the only time for my toes to feel free!  I have quite a number of pairs of flip flops in my collection and I can hardly wait to use them.  A tote bag?  Got many!  No need to shop for more!

● Camera and Mobile Phone

These two – will never be forgotten!

● Food

… without a doubt, completes the list!  Yum!

So how about you?  Where will you be spending your vacation this year?  Will it be somewhere warm or somewhere cold?  Have a nice day!

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