Top Cities in the World to Inspire New Designs

by - Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I don't know about you, but if I keep my house the same for too long I get bored by the environment I'm living in, so change is - contrary to popular belief - good for you and the home that you live in. It's not necessarily that I am living among bland-looking decor; it's just that there are so many different styles out there that are begging to be tried out in my home.

There are many different cities in the world that could quite easily have a claim to being one of the world leaders in terms of style and sophistication so there are choices galore if you want to look a little further afield for inspiration. For me, places such as Tokyo, Berlin and Marrakech are great starting points for any revamp in the home.

Get a taste of Marrakech in your home:

While the other two cities aren't your normal design choices, Marrakech would be even more unique for your home. With its selection of wonderful rich tassels and Moroccan style floor lamps, there really is a wide range of items to make your home look even better.

I am a big fan of tassels, authentic handcrafted items such as these are thick and brightly coloured and are a real eye-catching item to have in the home. They can be used almost anywhere, from a wall or door handle, to a curtain tie.

For industrial inspiration look towards Berlin:

The stereotype of Germany as a nation is that its people are very efficient and this is often reflected in the interior design seen in the country. The use of space is excellent and makes sure that you don't have any unwanted parts of a home or room. I love using some of these principles as a way of reducing clutter in the home.

For instance, an overly large bookcase can be great space saver in any room it is implemented. While this may sound like an oxymoron, the bookcase doesn't just have to house your favourite PD James novels, they can hold all manner of things from computers to even chairs. This would also give your home a real unique look to it because normally people will only buy bookcases that will simply hold their reading material and maybe a few DVDs.

Something else the country is famous for is its graffiti art, which can be a brilliant addition to the walls of your home. Now, with so much of it around the country, getting a couple of pieces for the home isn't exactly going to break the bank, so you could pick up a bargain or two.

Try something different and be inspired by Japanese design:

Japanese interior design, much like in Germany, is very efficient in its use of resources and spaces are often used as multifunctional rooms. So if you have a large living area, you could convert some of it to being a dining room. To partition this you might wanted to use traditional sliding doors known as shoji.
Shoji screens can be pushed open to join two rooms together so when you are eating at the dining table you can close the living area but then immediately make the space bigger after finishing by simply opening the screens.

Accessories are something that shouldn't be overlooked either. Just by simply purchasing items such as traditionally handcrafted teapots and cups you can add a real touch of class to your dining set.

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