Two Top Cities in the UK for Food and Drinks

by - Tuesday, March 05, 2013

● Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf is a major financial centre within London that contain some of UK's tallest building and has a major restaurant presence. Due to the heavy business aspect, a lot of restaurants can cater to large groups, business meetings, celebrations, and almost any event that could be thought of. Although mostly viewed as a financial centre, the food and drink industry that is within Canary Wharf is very highly rated with some of the best chefs available. With shopping centers and the large amount of attractions, people that are outside of the local businesses can enjoy an unforgettable time when they decide to stay.

The selection of different food types has never been larger, from Asian, French, American, middle eastern, and so much more, you can finally fulfill any cravings you might desire. Restaurants in Canary Wharf specialize in being flexible and can offer any type of atmosphere or requirements that you may have. If you are unsure of which places to attend, try looking online to read other customers reviews. Its best to know exactly what to expect to make sure you enjoy the best experience that you can. Whether you are visiting due to business or pleasure, enjoying your stay is going to come with ease.

Drinks could not get any better, with all of the different selections and different type of environments, you can enjoy going out even if it is to meet with business associates. Bars, Clubs, and Pubs are well populated in the immediate and surrounding area.

● Wimbledon

Best known for holding the famous tennis tournament, Wimbledon can provide much more than sports matches. Wimbledon is located within London in the south west, so naturally the food and drink establishment list is almost endless. Although some will always be better than others, you can bet that you will find exactly what you're looking for within this city. The overall atmosphere is different than the rest of London, allowing a more unique feeling that is incredible for people of any age. Whether you are looking for a extravagant dining experience or to just sit and drink at one of their many top quality cafes, you can be guaranteed they will meet your every expectation. Restaurants in Wimbledon have been top rated with world class chefs that will not disappoint you.

A great option within the heart of Wimbledon is a Italian restaurant called Strada. With a stylish and modern atmosphere, they can provide almost any Italian dishes made from scratch with only the finest ingredients. From Pizzas, Pastas, Risotto, and anything else you can think of, filling your stomach with world class Italian food will be time well spent.

Although the entire UK has always been known for its nightlife, extravagant dining experiences, and amazing drink selections, these two cities have proven to go much further than the others. People of any age or background will be able to enjoy the food and drinks offered.

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