What Makes the Perfect Romantic Comedy?

by - Friday, March 22, 2013

Romantic comedies are one of the most popular movie genres around. But sometimes this genre can face a bit of flack for being too predictable, too sappy or just downright boring. Yes, it is a fact of life that not all romantic comedies are box-office hits, and romantic comedies aren’t for everyone. However, if you want a romantic night in and know a good romcom would make the evening just right, find out what you should look for in the perfect romantic comedy. Then, you can head out to find cheap Blu ray movies.

● Understand the Difference Between a Chick Flick and a Romantic Comedy

A chick flick is a movie that really only appeals to a female audience. Full of girly romance and love, strong on the emotion and heavily relationship based, a chick flick doesn’t feature much for the guys. Chick flicks don’t require much thinking either; everything is pretty straightforward and the storylines are typically formulaic.

A romantic comedy, on the other hand, may run along the same lines as a chick flick, but usually features humour fitting for both men and women. It’s not just about soppy love and emotion. The storyline may be familiar: boy and girl obviously meant to be together, but kept apart for whatever circumstances until love overcomes and they end up together, happily ever after. However, a real romantic comedy isn’t quite as predictable; it has some depth to it and requires a bit of thinking to pick up innuendo and storyline.

● It’s Not Just About Sex Appeal

A romantic comedy isn’t just visual, and full-on sex appeal should be reserved for other movie genres. You want to be pulled into the storyline, and a good romcom should do this. Quirky actors who aren’t all about good looks and sex appeal but more about witty humour that comes fast and naturally, are what you need to look for. The more natural the leading actors are the greater appeal the movie will have to a broader — not just female — audience.

● It’s in the Details

When looking for a good his-and-hers romantic comedy, something real, believable and practical helps to create a storyline that steers away from a chick flick and more toward an enjoyable romcom.

The details — setting, costumes, language — also need to reflect the characters. If the storyline is about a girl struggling to make ends meet and then hooks up with some rich billionaire, the girl isn’t likely to walk around in designer shoes and matching handbag while she’s still struggling. Look for real characters living in the reality that the storyline portrays. A believable story makes for a good romantic comedy.

● Keep It Real

Forcing characters together can get annoying, predictable, and turn a potentially good romantic comedy into a box-office flop. When characters have depth, the storyline can lead them to forge a relationship that is real. Romantic comedies that see boy and girl laugh, love, argue, share and be themselves around each other goes a long way to creating a romcom that stands the test of time. When a movie has this underlying tone woven throughout, it makes it easier for quirky, funny and unrealistic situations to pop up along the way. In turn, these make for truly funny moments you’ll be laughing about long after the end credits have stopped rolling.

● Look for a Good Male Lead Actor

Some of the best romantic comedies have a male as the leading actor and not a female. This is one useful way to tell a good romcom from a boring chick flick. Interesting male actors taking the leading role in a romantic comedy attract a far greater male audience than a predictable male in a supporting role. Just look at the successes of romantic comedies like “It’s Complicated,” “Something’s Gotta Give” and “50 First Dates.” These movies were cleverly written romantic comedies wrapped up in a package with top-quality male lead actors, believable storylines and unpredictability. Everything you need in the perfect romantic comedy.

About the Author: As a regular contributing writer, Janine Marks enjoys a wide range of movie genres. Her love of everything cinema led her to frequently visit DVD Land.

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