A Few More Sleeps Away: H&M Söderhamn Opens on 25 April

by - Monday, April 22, 2013

When H&M announced a couple of years ago about its plan of opening a chain in our little town, I must admit, I was hesitant.  But when the construction began early in 2012, I told myself – Oh!  This is really happening!  As a shopaholic and a fashionista, I felt that sudden rush of excitement coursing through my veins.

… and soon, the long wait will finally be over as the new favorite fashion boutique, H&M in Söderhamn, will open its doors this coming Thursday, the 25th of April!  I wonder what welcome perks and surprises will they be doling out to shoppers on their opening day.  Whatever the giveaways will be, I am pretty sure that everyone will like ‘em.

H&M Söderhamn – opens its doors to shoppers on 25 April:

H&M Söderhamn – located at Köpmangatan 4, right next to KappAhl fronting Furan Galleria:

… the trademark was finally up on Thursday [18 April] waving – Hello! – to the town’s residents and visitors:

This 1,150 sqm. H&M store opens along with Wayne’s Coffee’s comeback and the premier of a new restaurant downtown - Eat & Meet.  Both are located within the same H&M and KappAhl building.

The town’s booming!  It’s about time!

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