Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

by - Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Men can be notoriously hard to buy for no matter how long you have been with them. If you are a more traditional couple, your first anniversary gift should be made of paper, then wood for five years, tin for ten years, china for twenty years (not very masculine), silver for 25 years and so on. However, many couples are now straying from tradition to celebrate their anniversaries in more personalised and unique ways. Here are some gift ideas to give to your man at your milestones.


Watches have always been a popular gift for men and have been traditionally seen as a jewellery equivalent for men. Well-made timepieces are beautiful yet durable and can be an investment as much as a gift. For those on a tighter budget, pre-owned watches are becoming increasingly popular and many top watch sites such as Watches of Switzerland [http://www.watches-of-switzerland.co.uk/] now have a pre-owned section.


Sometimes it is nice to buy an experience which you can enjoy together rather a traditional gift. You should have some idea of which bands and genres of music your other half likes as well as comedians and other shows for a great night out. Alternatively, why not book a whole festival for week long musical fun in the sun at one of the UK’s upcoming summer festivals? There are festivals around London such as the Wireless Festival in July, Hard Rock Calling Festival in June and Field Day Festival in May to enjoy. Hurry to get tickets as they are selling out fast.
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● Food

Food is sometimes a safer idea rather than testing the waters with a gift as he can order his own food at his favourite restaurant. Alternatively, if you are low on cash, you can try cooking at home and dining outside in the summer. Switch on his favourite music and serve up some hearty food followed by a good snuggle on the sofa with a great film. As a little extra, it could be a nice idea to get a film subscription so you can enjoy top films together for the whole year rather than constantly scanning your DVD collections.

A Weekend Away

After weeks of hard work, a weekend away can be just the ticket to de-stress on your anniversary. Hundreds of deals on hotels and restaurants can now be found online for cash saving and inspiration. If you live around London, there are lots of holiday hotspots nearby such as the City of Canterbury for history, countryside as well as seaside fun at Whitstable. There is also Brighton to soak up some sea air and great nightlight or the popular picturesque towns of Cornwall and Devon for a relaxing weekend away.

● Engraved Gifts

Say something with your gift. Engraved gifts can add a something special to an anniversary present for little cost. Engraved gift ideas include watches, hip flasks, cufflinks, glassware, photo frames and lighters.
About the author: Laura Booker is a freelance copywriter from London. She enjoys art, photography and mango sorbet.

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