Getting that Rock Chic Attitude Without Spending a Fortune

by - Sunday, April 14, 2013

I have just recently purchased online five dresses and I am so looking forward for summer to arrive so I can put my pretty new dresses to use.  Although the girly girl look is on top of my favorite style look [with ballet flats and light accessories], the rock chic attitude comes in second.

Getting the rock chic style doesn’t need to be that fussy nor expensive.  Simply put on your favorite dress, a pair of lace up or ankle boots and a leather jacket.  To that, add a stunning cuff bracelet, a large tribal ring and you’re done!  Of course, it’s always a plus if you can play any musical instrument.  An acoustic guitar with a set of best guitar strings, or violin, or flute, drums, organ or whichever instrument you play even boosts the rock chic image that you are wanting to express.  Feel free to add the rebel makeup touch or stay with your regular makeup strokes.

As mentioned, you do not need to spend much to get the look.  Go through your wardrobe and jewelry box for old forgotten clothing and accessory pieces.  Mix and match until you're happy with what you see.  If you 're wallet's up for shopping, go for items on sale or better yet, visit second hand shops.

Forever 21 vest
$33 available at forever21.com

Cuff bracelet
$40 available at leakeycollection.com
Large weet seal jewelry
$6.50 available at wetseal.com
Rogue Herringbone 12-String Acoustic Guitar

How about you?  Do you love wearing dresses?  Do you opt more for the girly girl or the rock chic look?

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