How To Flatter Your Plus-Size Figure & Wear Your Favorite Trends With Three Simple Tips

by - Friday, April 19, 2013

The most common complaint among American women, no matter what their size, is both loud and consistent: "Nothing fits!" As waistlines in America continue to expand, clothing designers have not accommodated the American population, especially women, whose average weights are now around 156 pounds, hardly able to squeeze into the size 00s popular with high-end fashion retailers. American women, though, don't have to be satisfied with the status quo or resign themselves to wearing unflattering, unshapely muumuus designed to humiliate rather than flatter. Plus-size retailers are starting to catch on and cater to fashion-starved plus-sized fashionistas, such as CJ Banks [http://cjbanks.bluepromocode.com/cjbanks-promo-code/] and Avenue [http://avenue.bluepromocode.com/avenue-promo-code/]. Such retailers provide the average American woman with figure-flattering, colorful, and fashion-forward clothing choices. 

Still, it can be difficult to know how to flatter your figure when you're not used to choosing figure-flattering clothes. Women of all sizes fight an uphill battle when it comes to finding clothes that both flatter and fit; women who are plus-size face an even tougher battle. However, armed with the style tips below, we're confident that a woman of any size can wear beautiful, trendy, fashion-forward items, that showcases her figure at its best, rather than hide behind hideous clothing.

Begin With The Undergarments

Most women do not wear bras that fit. They are too tight or too loose, with straps that dig into shoulders, or are too loose. Plus-size women who are top-heavy may need to special-order bras that fit. [The comfort is definitely worth the expense and trouble!] Once you've found the right fit for your body, you're well on your way to even more figure-flattering purchases.

Find Clothes That Both Fit & Flow

Plus-size women often make the mistake of buying oversize clothing, hoping their curves will disappear into the extra-large shirts and dresses. Rather than that, though, the extra cloth only adds extra bulk and adds attention to unwanted areas. The key to finding figure-flattering clothing is to work with the idea of balance - if you're top-heavy, go for more fitted pants and skirts, and looser tops. If you're bottom-heavy, opt for flowy skirts and pants, with more fitted tops. Avoid a monochrome look with separates. Again, balance the look, by choosing a lighter color on top, a darker color on the bottom, or vice versa.

If you're a fan of prints, the same concept around balance still applies. In general, if you're on the larger side, wear larger prints. Wear prints with a solid color; find colors that complement each other, and with neutral accessories. If you want to try wearing prints head-to-toe, try out maxi dresses, which are really forgiving in many problem areas. Wrap dresses are easy to wear and accentuate just about any figure.

Embrace Accessories

The best thing about accessories is that you never have to worry about how they fit. As with any other style advice - the key is balance. Wear wilder and larger accessories with quieter outfits; use smaller, more low-key accessories like earrings to accentuate louder outfits like animal or leopard print. They're also a fun, cheap way to update any wardrobe.

The key to flattering a plus-size figure is the same as flattering any figure: balance. Figure out the right balance and fit for your body, and you can wear just about anything you want. 
About the author: Kimberly Lau, staff writer for BluePromoCode.com.

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