How to Save Money on a Limousine or Party Bus Rental

by - Monday, April 08, 2013

Limousines and party busses are an affordable way to move a quantity of people across town without compromising style or luxury – but smart rental choices can reduce the costs even further. Do you want to learn how to enjoy upscale transportation on an everyday budget? We'll show you where the savings are hiding.

Book Before Party Season Hits

Reserve your limousine early to secure off-season discounts, and to ensure the availability of your chosen limousine style. Make sure to follow through with a security deposit and signed contract, because verbal agreements are never any guarantee that your quoted price will stand.

Anytime that wedding season or prom season begins, limousine shortages begin. Do your party plans overlap with peak limousine rental season? Booking early is always smart but being first in line is even more important when you're anticipating competition for the best rentals.

Prices often rise when demand is high – most limousine companies have to stay on top of their pricing structure to accommodate seasonal changes in gas prices and patronage anyways, and the situation is the worst during spring break/graduation/wedding season.

Check the Cost of the Option Package

Reputable limousine companies are always honest and upfront about the extra charges involved with optional refreshments and amenities. Unfortunately, those pricing structures are often difficult to understand unless you ask for the specifics. The limo company may offer free champagne, but you might not like the brand. The company may advertise an mp3-compatible sound system, but might charge extra if you want to use the digital radio service.

Sometimes investing in a special party package is cheaper than buying per-item at the mini-bar. We suggest checking out EmperorLimousine.com for a great selection of limousines with a wide variety of option packages – the pricing structure is easy to understand so you know what to expect at the end of the day. Emperor packages are very flexible and cover a wide variety of celebratory occasions, a great source of party inspiration.

Hold Up Your Side of the Bargain

Getting your deposit back requires sticking to your side of the contract. This means that your party should avoid damaging the vehicle or making a mess, but the deposit often covers more than just damages. Read the contract carefully and make sure your party knows their responsibilities.

Ask the driver about the pricing structure for time spent waiting and find out whether the meter runs during pickup and drop-off. Schedule some time to deal with the unexpected. Adding an impromptu destination or running beyond your designated time slot might be a breach of the contract. Some limo rental companies have compassion about these situations but schedule disruptions will still directly reduce the chauffeur's income for the day.

A little preparation goes a long way. You can't take advantage of savings that you don't pursue! You'll figure out new ways to save each time you rent a limousine or party bus. Stay in constant contact with your rental agency and be upfront about your love of discounts - businesses in the limo industry depend on their happy, loyal customers.

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