Important Things to Bring on a Trip Out of Country

by - Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Preparing to go on a big trip can be an exciting time, but travelers still have to remember to pack a number of items that will be necessities out-of-country. By keeping these items within easy reach, travel can be made easier, especially in foreign locations where general needs stores are not so easily found.

Your Passport and Photocopies

A passport is your only link to a safe and sane world overseas, so it’s critical to have. However, passports do get lost. So packing photocopies of the critical identification pages in your other bags as well as with a partner if traveling as couple is extremely valuable. Nothing makes securing new passport easier or faster than being able to prove an original one existed in the first place.


Credit cards are great overseas since they provide good financial protection in case of being cheated, but cash still remains king when traveling. When things go haywire or electronics no longer work, only cash will buy access or product when needed.

Traveler’s Checks

Yes, these are old fashioned, but traveler’s checks have unique protections. They are accepted like regular U.S. dollars but can be replaced if lost or stolen. Traveler’s checks are also easy to obtain as most banks sell them, making it easy to be prepared before a trip begins.

Power Outlets

Most people know to bring an international power outlet so they can plug in their travel appliances without frying them. However, with people’s reliance on multiple gadgets and technology tools, travel can be a problematic when device batteries start to run down. Bringing along a compact, multiple outlet strip can be quite handy, especially when trying to charge up in the airport along with everyone else.


Many people think they don't need to carry laxatives around, but in reality if you've never left the country and are going to a place with a different menu than you're used to, you need to be prepared. Nothing ruins a trip more than feeling uncomfortable the entire time, especially on long trips with small bathrooms.

A Travel Mug or Thermos

Simple in design, a travel mug or thermos can be a lifesaver. Finding clean water or being able to carry warm drink or food can be critical when going long distances where other food or water sources are questionable. Bringing along a mug or thermos can solve a frequently unplanned problem ahead of time before it’s an issue.

A Pack of Moist Towels

Most moms of little kids know the value of a pack of moist towels. However, for the traveler they have even greater benefits. The most important feature is that the product is compact but provides an easy way to sanitize one’s hands, surfaces, products and anything else it comes in contact with. This is invaluable, especially when traveling in places with lots of traffic.

There’s plenty of more items a person can think of to bring on a trip, like a toothbrush and clean underwear, but the above items are both critical and versatile for all sorts of trip needs. And being able to bring more compact items saves time, space and some peace of mind.

About the author: Mandy is a stay-at-home mum with 2 children in primary school, in her past time she loves to garden, travel, cook and write blogs for other stay at home mums and anyone with similar interests.

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