Looking Back to Go Forward - the Revival of Eighties Trends in 2013

by - Friday, April 26, 2013

Culturally, the 1980s are remembered for many different things, from the explosion of goth and New Romantic subcultures, electro pop and Acid House, to the somewhat dubious hairstyles and freaky styles. Fashion in the 1980s was always very bold, daring and memorable – even if it did include neon legwarmers and bubble perms.

Whether you loved or hated 1980s fashion, one thing that has become evident is that it has appealed to generation after generation since, and after a strong initial revival in the early nineties, it’s emerging again 2013. This time, the revival has been sparked by a range of factors, from revived 1980s TV shows to bands of the decade reforming.

5 re-emerging 1980s trends:

With 1980s style and design returning to the forefront, the feisty fashions of that vibrant decade are never likely to be forgotten.

Some of the 1980s fashions that are re-emerging in 2013 include the following:

Cropped tops and jackets:

Smart cropped jackets and tops were all the rage in the mid-1980s, and these are now making a comeback with a range of styles available. From the stylish and versatile bolero jacket to cropped cardigans, you’ll look chic and sharp in these revived classics.

Shoulder pads:

Big, bold, and brassy was the order of the day when it came to 1980s fashion, and the logical conclusion of this approach was shoulder pads. While the shoulder pads of today may not be quite as extreme as the ones seen in the 1980s, they are becoming more and more evident on the catwalks and on the jackets found on retailer’s clothes racks.

Trouser suits:

Powerful career women in the 1980s loved nothing more than a sharp trouser suit [complete with shoulder pads, of course] and these suits are now making a comeback amongst chic, savvy women who want to look and feel ultra-confident. These suits were pretty glamorous in the 1980s and nothing has changed in that respect, making them ideal for women who want to look glamorous yet smart.

Pointy stilettos:

Over the past couple of decades, women’s footwear has changed from the severe pointy stilettos of the 1980s to curved fronts, thicker, more conservative heels, and chunky platform soles. However, more daring ladies are once again turning to the ultra-pointy stiletto that was once so popular nearly 30 years ago.

Bold prints:

Pretty much everything about the 1980s was bold and colourful, including the prints and designs on clothing. Such boldness of print is well and truly back, as seen on the catwalks and at various couture shows including the London Fashion Show. Understated most definitely won't cut it when it comes to summer fashions in 2013.

For many people, seeing 1980s looks re-emerge will be an exciting change to the rather understated look that’s dominated popular fashion over the past couple of decades.

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