New Necklaces and a Pair of Stud Earrings. More to Come!

by - Monday, April 01, 2013

When 2013 started, I did an inventory of my jewelry collection.  Since it was not really a huge collection to start with, counting and keeping track of each piece came in easy.  I was done in ten minutes.  Yes!  That quick!  When I mentioned that didn’t have that many, I meant it.

To add some colors to my muster of charms, I ordered online one pair of 14K stud earrings [with some sort of gem in it] in February and ten fancy necklaces in March.  The earrings were mine to keep.  The necklaces, on the other hand, were supposed to be prizes on this blog’s giveaway.  However, due to my super packed schedule at work, I couldn’t squeeze in the planned giveaway.  Instead, I started sponsoring other bloggers’ giveaways and so kept the necklaces for myself.  *wink*

Ten fancy necklaces:

Wearing my lovely stud earrings:

Aside from the list above, four new wristwatches have also been added to the collection.  I know.  I need to slow down --- or do I?

For some reason, I want to order another pair of stud earrings.  This time, my eyes [and heart] are stuck on this 14K white gold with green round Moissanite Solitaire stud earrings from  I love its neat style and the Moissanite’s lovely green color and clean cut.
My jewelry wish list doesn’t end up with the green earrings above.  I am also thinking of adding some bracelets and a few rings to the list.  I am yet to stumble upon the pieces that will wow me much.  Until then, I am happy with what I have hoping that before summer comes, I’ll find beautiful new jewelry pieces to complete my list.

How about you?  What jewelry items have you bought just recently?  Do you have a jewelry wish list?  If so, how long or short is it?

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