Spring 2013 Fashion Trends You Can't Afford to Miss

by - Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Spring is in the air, no matter what the weatherman is telling you.  In fact, now would be the perfect time to get a jump start on the latest fashion trends for Spring 2013; the fact that there’s still a chill in the air means that designers haven’t yet started their annual warm weather markup so doing a little bit of homework and shopping now can save you some serious dough.

So, what should you be looking for this Spring?  The London, New York and Paris fashion houses have spoken and if the runways were any indication of what’s to come along with the warmer weather, the true hits are going to be on the sidewalks this spring.  Without further ado, let’s get into this year’s fashion trends for Spring.

Top Spring 2013 Fashion Trends You Need to Know

Be sure to shop early for these great fashion tips for spring; just because you want to look like a million bucks doesn’t mean you have to spend a million bucks!
  • Bermuda Shorts:

    The New York fashion runways were awash with Bermuda shorts this year, bringing back the cute, slouchy look that is reminiscent of Caribbean schoolgirls.  The best thing about Bermuda shorts is that they not only look great on everyone, they also feel great too!  The comfort level these shorts provide alone is enough to make us wish they were in style each and every year.  Perfect for outdoor adventures, late night casual and even the office, go with prints or plains and pair them up with a simple shirt or blouse.
  • Water Inspired Clothing:

    Not only are nautical patterns and designs playing a big role in spring fashion, but water-inspired colors are as well.  Look for blue, green, blue-green and aquamarine shades to be big this spring, as evidenced by ProenzaSchouler, Charlotte Ronson, Donna Karan and Michael Kors.  These designers all showcased water inspired collections made up ofpantsuits, dresses and peplum skirts that will invoke your inner beach goddess.
  • Floral Trends and Flower Patterns:

    Keeping in line with the natural water elements, spring has always been about rebirth and blossoming nature.  What better way to embrace that feeling than with light and airy flower-inspired clothing.  It’s no surprise that we make the move away from the heavy, dark fabrics of winter with such a drastically upbeat trend each spring, but this year’s floral patterns are really hitting the runways heavily.  Dresses, blouses and pants and pencil skirts are deeply steeped in floral prints so snatch them up now—or bring out the old ones you have in the back of the closet!
  • Stripes are In:

    If you love stripes, you’re in luck this spring because just as we predicted, strips are back in.  We saw stripes coming out of almost every major fashion house’s spring 2013 collection over the past few months so get ready to get striped!  Play around with the alignment and thickness of the stripes to make your outfits uniquely varied.  Even solid dresses can have stripes of different thicknesses and geometric patterns that subtly suggest feminine body shapes.  Intimate V-shaped stripes make for a great attention-grabber whether you’re at work or out on the town.
  • Black and White Trends:

    This is really just one half of the block color trend for the spring (see deep and bright colors below) that we can expect to see.  The classic look of black and white portrays the timeless elegance that we can expect each year from spring collections.  However, this year, we saw even more black and white than usual from designers such as Alexander Wang and Marc Jacobs.  This tells us black and white is going to be bigger than ever—and probably sticking around for summer as well!
  • Deep and Bright Colors:

    The second part of the block color trend for 2013’s spring collections comes in the form of the typical pastels we see each spring—only this time go with royal blue.  Royal blue is the ‘it’ color this season which is perfect for the water-inspired trends as well as floral patterns we’ve been seeing.  Other hot colors are pink and yellow, especially when matched with eye makeup trends.

Finding the Hottest Fashion Tips Before They Happen

Of course, we all know that fashion is an ever changing wave that is constantly reshaping itself.  Stay ahead of the trends and don’t get caught lagging behind, you’ll pay for it in fashion—and in the purse!
Image courtesy of sattva/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

This guest article has been written by Ash Moore who works for
Trend N’ Stylez [http://www.facebook.com/trendNstylez], one of the most sought after fashion portals. For latest fashion tips, trends, make up trends etc., don’t forget to check out www.trendnstylez.com/fashion-2013/

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