Advantages of Permanent and Semi-permanent Lip Enhancement Treatments

by - Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Lips, especially their color hold a lot of importance in the sexual appeal of the woman. Women coloring their lips go back in history to the Mesopotamian times. From centuries women in different eras have tried to make their lips more attractive by using a variety of products. Therefore it is obvious that in the present, the lip enhancement techniques have reached new levels. Make-up trends are changing drastically and the latest addition is permanent makeup.

Permanent lip colors are beneficial in many ways. To start with they give you full, healthy looking lips without going for any surgery. With well defined borders and color restoration you do not have to use cosmetics like lip liner, lipstick and lip gloss each day. For people with uneven lip borders, the process gives their lips a beautiful shape.

Quality of the Lip Enhancement Procedure

Whenever we think of permanent lip make-up, the first thing that comes in our minds is the safety in receiving such a treatment. Professional doctors in the cosmetic surgery field use only the best and suitable products for the process. Well trained doctors can perform restoration work which helps people to get beautiful lips as well as people with scarred or unruly lips [e.g. cleft lips]. Many surgeons after a patient’s recovery from an accident or so suggest permanent lip make-up to restore the alignment of the face.

Lip Coloring or Tattooing Techniques

Permanent lip color is catching up as a trend in body enhancement art. Some get it done to correct the alignment of their face, some to achieve full and naturally beautiful lips and some to restore a mark or deformity due to various reasons. Whatever might the reason be, the end product of the process can bring a permanent change in your look and personality. Techniques like lining the borders of your lips, full lip color, blended lip liners and lip liner plus colored lips are popular. Colors are chosen according to your face type and complexion. People go from nude colors to vibrant lip colors which with a little added make-up like lip gloss make them party ready in minutes.


As mentioned earlier, permanent make-up is preferred by many sorts of people. Where restoration of scared and unshaped lips is the main advantage, many working women chose to get permanent lipsticks as it is a time saver. You do not have to go through the tedious task of putting make-up everyday and with permanent lipstick your make-up can never go wrong because you did not have time that morning before going to office.

About the author: JudyLulu, a girl living in the lipstick jungle. She has been reading up on alternative cosmetic surgery like micropigmentation.

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