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by - Saturday, May 04, 2013

You’ve seen it in movies --- the payphone rings and gets answered.  Whether you’re a secret agent waiting for a secret message or simply a curious passerby looking for some excitement for the day, here’s a tip:

… when the phone inside that adorable pink telephone booth rings, be brave enough to pick it up.  You’ll get rewarded by just saying the magic word - Hello!  Yes.  That simple and you’re on your way to experiencing one of your life’s [most likely] oddest but best days… ever.

Benefit Cosmetics placed their Temptation Telephone in Central London for one day only. Those who are bold enough to answer were rewarded with a once in a life time experience - a makeover and that ten minutes of fame!  Well, you know sometimes ten minutes is all you need to have that exceptional kind of fun, yeah?

Ten minutes of fame?  Those who picked up the phone and said - Hello - after the makeover were brought on stage at one of London's most iconic venues, Café de Paris.  They got to sing the Whitney Houston classic "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" in front of a packed house and accompanied by a live band.  How cool is that?

Where will the temptation telephone ring next and are you brave enough to answer?

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