Birthday Ideas for a Sweet Sixteen

by - Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sixteen. It feels almost like they were six years-old five minutes ago. Regardless, the finger food and pass-the-parcel games aren’t going to go down well anymore. Planning a party for a teenager is a pretty insurmountable task, so it’s best to consult them first...but here are some ideas for inspiration:

Here’s Some Money...Don’t Spend It All On Beer

Just hand over a fistful of cash [whatever you think is reasonable] and get your teenager to plan their own party within that budget. Not only are you helping your teenager manage money better [or learn the hard way], but you’re treating them like an adult and handing them responsibility – that’s a priceless gift from any parent.

They may organise a restaurant meal or just a pizza and video game night in the house. Respect their choices, unless they become untenable. If they return any money to you, treat their friends to extra nibbles and drinks.

Music Makes The People Come Together

Renting out a hall where your kid’s friends can run riot is a good idea…especially if they’re into loud music. Your teenager can invite school bands to come and perform, as well as hire a DJ to play their favourite music. Food and drink is pretty simple; you just need to bulk-buy soft drinks and nibbles.
However, if your kid has cultured tastes, you could buy them a ticket to a concert, performance, or a gig.


Whether your teenager is in to football or mountain climbing, make their sweet sixteen active. Your kid and his or her friends could walk the UK mountains [http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/loutdoor/mountainsafety/] for charity in sweet sixteen ballgown costumes for a laugh or take on the sea with their surfing chums. With big challenges in front of your teenager, it will make their sweet sixteen all the more special.

Alternatively, nestle down to watch a professional rugby game with the girls and scoff down chips. RUCK OVER!


Who doesn’t like to be pampered? Book your teenager into a spa day to relax before/after/during [delete where applicable] stressful exams. We’re talking the full works here: massage, facial, and manicure. You may be the only one drinking champagne, but organise something elegant and fizzy for the rest of your group. Finally, go to your teenager’s favourite restaurant for lunch and feel fantastic!

Film Night

Of course, you could go to the cinema, but to make things extra special, you can play a selection of your teenager’s favourite films at home. This works particularly well if you have a large television. Turn the lounge into a teenager-only zone, decked out with the most comfortable seating in the house. Make some popcorn and ice cream for the interludes and serve up pop.

For that extra dimension, you can make the party fancy dress. Ask everyone to dress up as their favourite characters from the movies. It’ll provide fantastic photo opportunities.

When things slow down and the kids want a break, play cinematic trivia games. For example, “from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, what’s Gollum’s real name, revealed by Frodo in the Two Towers movie?”
The answer: Sméagol.

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