Create A Beautiful Day At The Beach In Florida

by - Thursday, May 30, 2013

Millions of people visit the sunshine state every year, and Florida is well known for its beautiful beaches, surrounded by amazing scenery and clear, blue waters. But how do we make the most of our holiday on them? They are there to be enjoyed and for everyone to make the most out of; these short few steps should allow you the advice you need to create a beautiful and memorable day on some of the most stunning destinations in Florida.


There is probably no better experience than taking a hefty book onto the beach and really sinking your teeth into it. Drift away to other worlds and really catch-up on all those great novels that you never get time to read at home. You’ll probably find you manage to get through a novel a day; it’s easy enough to lose yourself with the sand between your toes and the sea breeze whistling past your ears.

Food And Drink

Picnics are a fantastic idea if you’re planning on spending the whole day on the beach. Take a wealth of food with you, ideally items that won’t attract the insects and seal-tight containers to stop the sand from really making your meal a sand-wich. Take lots of water to keep hydrated and maybe make a fruit punch before you go, something for all the family to enjoy, keeping you refreshed.

The beach is a great place to have a rustic barbeque too. Build one out of the materials you have on the beach; rocks, driftwood and sand barriers all make great barbeques. Make sure you check what the fire laws are on the beach you choose to go to, so as you don’t get in trouble for causing damage to any wildlife.


It’s impossible not to be drawn in by the cool waves of the sea, lapping against the shoreline. Whether you simply enjoy sitting and watching, the sea is there for everyone and there is a wealth of activities which everyone can get involved in.

Take a raft out and float until your heart is content, even take your book with you and read for a while on the waves. For the more active members of the group, why not try your hand at riding the surf or snorkelling. It’s easy to spend the entire day looking at beautiful fish and coral, or simply paddling in the shallows, looking for shells. Don’t forget to book flights to Florida at to get the best deals to see the best beaches.


Perhaps slightly underrated when it comes to Florida’s beaches, walking is a great way to see a plethora of wildlife and scenery. It doesn’t cost anything and it’s easy to do, walking can be enjoyed by the entire family. Take a stroll on the hot white sand, breathing in Florida’s sea air and listen to the lapping of the waves, breaking on the shore. There’s simply nothing better than walking across Florida’s beaches.

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