Dress To Impress: How To Make The Most Of Your Figure

by - Tuesday, May 07, 2013

With everything from nose jobs to tummy tucks available at reputable clinics, it’s no wonder so many women go down the surgical route. Breast augmentations are currently the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure, but going under the knife is not the only way to enhance your figure. In fact, the right attire can work wonders for many women, so what should you be buying for your body shape?

Here’s how to dress to impress if you have an:

Hourglass body shape

If you have a voluptuous chest, wide hips and a tiny waist, you have an hourglass figure – think Kelly Brooke or Marilyn Monroe. This is considered to be one of the most attractive body shapes, but it’s important to keep your plentiful curves under control. A well-fitting bra will give you the support and uplift you need and all seam-free lingerie will help to create neat lines underneath tops and dresses. Once your underwear is sorted, opt for wraparound frocks, high waist trousers and A-line skirts to accentuate your middle and ensure you clothes aren’t too tight to avoid unnecessary bulges.

Athletic body shape

Women come in all different shapes and sizes, so don’t be afraid to flaunt your well-toned muscles and slender frame. You might not have the breasts of Kim Kardashian or the hips of Beyonce, but you’ve certainly got plenty to shout about. Many women would long for your fat-free arms and legs, so show them off in short hemlines or opt for strapless dresses. With spring in the air, you can also get away with long tops and leggings, just stay away from anything that’s too baggy as this could drown your figure. Make the most of floral patterns for a feminine look and don’t be afraid of frills and pleats.

Apple body shape

If you’re an apple, you tend to put weight on around your middle – but there’s no need to despair. Simply invest in some body shaping underwear and perfect your silhouette before browsing the latest spring/summer collections. Avoid the four-boob look by getting measured in every store and buy matching underwear for a touch of glamour. Once that’s sorted, treat yourself to a tailored jacket, as this is a must-have for all apple-shaped women and buy some brightly coloured tops to go underneath. Block colours and vibrant patterns can draw attention away from your bad bits, so don’t shy away from a bit of flare. As for trousers, stick to flat-fronted designs and go for a boot cut to show off your lovely legs.

Plastic surgery is popular these days, but a few fashionable garments can improve your confidence and appearance – so get shopping!

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