Evening Etiquette: A Gentleman's Guide

by - Tuesday, May 21, 2013

For the modern man there's more to being a gentleman than merely opening a door once in a while. For guys to actually aspire to this title, an effort needs to be made to act the part in all areas of life - from grooming, fashion and culture, to familiarity with food and booze and the correct treatment of women. Making these actions an important part of ones conduct is how a real gentleman differentiates himself from one of the boys.
To be able to help guys develop into men of quality, Boisdale [http://www.boisdale.co.uk/] has designed a nightime etiquette guide. From recognising different tweeds and collars to the correct setting of tables and drinking protocols, this info-graphic will turn those ready into the ladies men others want to become.
Before we begin with the lessons, let us take a look at how the term gentleman came to be.

The history 

The definition of the word gentleman has evolved over the years. Several centuries ago, it was used to refer to a man’s rank, taking into account their right to bear arms or their good birth. The meaning progressed to include men above the rank of common tradesmen who portrayed a certain amount of refinement and intelligence.

As the term moved away from a classification based on blood, words like position, education and manners became common use in the definition.

In the speech of today, gentleman tends to refer to a man who displays good and courteous conduct. It is also used as a speaker’s courtesy when addressing others.

Despite what some may believe well-behaved and well-dressed men are not of a former era. In fact, a true gentleman never goes out of style.

Style tips

Style is one of the key areas a gent should master. If you don’t look the part, you can’t act it.


Knowledge of tweed is not only impressive but also valuable. Herringbone, a distinctive V-shaped weaving pattern is as are striped tweeds which call on vertical lines to create visible stripes of various sizes. Houndstooth is a two-toned pattern characterised by broken checks or abstract four-pointed shapes.

Half-Windsor knot:

Used for standard shirt collars, the half-Windsor has five key steps illustrated in the infographic. The first step is important as a successful knot requires you to begin with the wide end of tie on your right. Finish off by moving the knot up to the centre of your collar.

Collars and shoes:

Differentiating casual looks from formal attire will prevent you from feeling out of place, risking the confidence you require to be a gentleman. Button downs and boat shoes are most appropriate when perusing beer gardens where as a wingtip collar and a pair of oxfords are most at home at a black tie event.

Dinner rules

Manners are important regardless of your company, but this is especially true when entertaining a lady. Greet the host and waiter by name and get comfortable with the table setting. Salad fork and knife sit on the outside and the dessert spoon and fork are placed above the plate.

Knowledge of alcohol is always handy. While we would like to say that a gentleman has a right to choose his poison, in this circumstance we focused on whisky - a true man’s drink. Whisky is all about taking your time. Enjoy a wee dram with a splash of water and don’t rush the process. Avoid dismissing blends as inferiors. Whisky is best served as an aperitif or digestif, not as a main course accompaniment.

Regardless of your drink, make sure to consume in moderation. There is no worse offense than sloppiness. This is one clear indication that you are one of the boys and not one of the men.

Infographic and article produced by http://www.boisdale.co.uk

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