Got Me-Self a New Dress –White Hearts in Blue with a Pink Bow, too!

by - Wednesday, May 22, 2013

In my previous post, How To Save When You’re In Your Spending Mood, I have mentioned my summer dress shopping that has been taking place for the past few weeks.

With twelve new pieces, another one came into our mailbox a few minutes after lunch today.  With eager anticipation, I ripped off the plastic envelope, checked the dress and tried it on.  I gotta say… this one’s heading to my favorite list.

 The Dress:

 A Closer Look:

To be frank, my expectations weren’t that good about this dress.  I purchased it online, eBay to be specific, and for a $6.30 price tag, I thought that it might be an okay piece but not enough to make me go --- wow!  And oh.  Did I mention that shipping and handling came in for free?

Anyway, surprisingly, this affordable dress from eBay made me go --- wow!  A few centimeters above the knee – just the perfect length I want.  The fabric was soft to the touch and not irritating to the skin.  The color blue has that nice hue and the heart prints, kinda cute.  It has two pockets, one on each side and that pink satin bow – definitely a plus!

Yes.  It does look simple and so ordinary but that’s what I love about this dress.  It’s designed for casual women like me!

Love this one to bits!

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