How to Include Relatives at a Baby Shower When They Can’t Be In Town

by - Thursday, May 09, 2013

If most of your family lives out of town, or even the state or country you are currently residing in, it may seem that baby showers can be a difficult thing to plan for. However, never fear. Baby shower invitation is quickly changing to keep-up with the modern, fast-paced world we live in. Below are some suggestions about how to include relatives at a baby show when they can’t be in town, whether you have recently moved or not.

Mail Them an Invitation Anyway

Mail them a baby invitation, anyway - well before the date of the shower. In this way, they may be able to send you a gift if they wish. To simplify their gift choice, register for a few baby registries at different stores and include the links in your invitation. This way, even if they cannot make it, at least they may purchase you a gift or send you a card to express their excitement.

Have a Video Shower

Yes, our lives are fast paced and far flung, but technology is helping to make connecting easier. Use your favorite social networking site, like Facebook, or video chatting service, like Windows Live, Google Hangout, or Skype to have your relatives’ right there with you as you celebrate your baby shower. They can communicate with you, watch you open gifts, and even participate in games form the comfort of their own home. What makes this even better is that this sort of communication is free, simple, and easy for anyone with a computer, video camera, and internet connection.

Send Out Birth Announcements after the Birth

Some people decide to actually not invite out of town relatives to their shower. Instead, they opt to wait until after the birth to send out gorgeous birth announcements to these relatives, letting them know their current address, inviting presents and listing registries [as families can always use more baby supplies], and asking them to come and visit the new baby in person at their homes. Many people, even if they cannot make it to the baby shower itself, hugely appreciate this gesture. They can even keep the birth announcement as a memento of the child’s birth. This option can also be less expensive itself than throwing a baby shower, as you will not need to purchase decorations, invitations, or find a host or venue.

About the author: Heather is a party planner extraordinaire - the self proclaimed 'binder ninja'!  She occasionally writes for PaperStyle on baby shower planning and creative party planning, and is working on starting up her own blog in her free time!

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