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by - Saturday, May 18, 2013

Let's be honest, despite the fact that we all know there are amazing restaurants in the United States, it is still not seen as a source of high food culture. Perhaps some of the food traditions in the US are not as long lived as those in the UK and the continent, there is still a great variety of delicious food.

Whether you are heading to the US to see a specific city or are touring around to a few places, it is unlikely that the best places to eat are going to anywhere near the tourist draws. More often, the most vibrant local restaurants are on the fringes of the cities where locals can get to them. Besides just finding better places to eat, getting away from the main sights in a city lets you take in some of the more unique attractions and diverse scenery. The best way to do this is with a rental car which you can book online prior to leaving on your trip. If you don't get a chance to book before your arrival, you can also visit Alamo USA [http://www.alamo.co.uk/usa] upon arrival in the US.

So you have your car and you are ready to go out and explore, what are of the most iconic foods that must be tried in the US?

The Cheeseburger

Sure it is the obvious option but really this is the quintessential American food. There are hundreds if not thousands of blogs devoted to this most basic of foods. If you find a good cheeseburger [http://www.cheeseandburger.com/], and there are lots, you will be amazed that such simplicity can taste so good.


Perhaps not at first glance considered an American food, however, generally what you will get will not remind you of Italy at all. New York style pizza is perhaps slightly closer to Italian pizza but it is still unique and if you are in New York there are endless places to try it out. At the opposite end of the spectrum is Chicago Deep Dish Pizza [http://www.pizzamaking.com/deepdish.php]. This is more like a quiche or lasagna than anything we would call pizza, yet it is scrumptious. You will need to skip a couple of meals before you order on of them though.

BBQ Ribs

Some may consider this a regional food originating in the Southern United States, however, BBQ Ribs are now a favourite from one side of the country to the other. As with Pizza different regions will have different types of ribs. Some cook them wet, with a brushing of BBQ sauce, while others have dry ribs which are cooked with a rub. Most cities will have a selection of quality BBQ joints, you may need to ask some locals for suggestions.

There are hundreds of other foods to try while in the US, such as tacos, clam chowder and of course apple pie. The key is to keep and open mind and be adventurous with you eating.

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