New Converse Shoes – Time to Shine And How I Work My Summer Wardrobe Without Spending Much

by - Saturday, May 18, 2013

When Bebe got me my newest pair of Converse sneakers in December, I was so enthralled for summer to arrive!  While officially, it’s still spring time here in Sweden, with outdoor temperatures ranging between 10°C to 15°C since Monday, we say… it’s summah-time!

Of course, what better way to start taking pleasure in this fine weather than to work your wardrobe?
My rule - A new season does not absolutely mean shopping for new clothes, accessories and shoes unlike some shopaholic coocoos do.  Since each season comes in and out in a blink, it’s a waste of money to shop for dozens of new items to welcome every new time of the year.  Instead, I freshen up my closets by putting away, in this case, winter clothes and saving them for the next long cold dark months.  Now, the summer clothes [shirts, blouses, pants and shoes] are neatly folded into groups, dresses in hangers, accessories organized and shoes ready to offer my feet the sense of summer comfort!

To begin with, early this week I opted for a sleeveless top, pants and yehey… my pair of Converse shoes!  Accessories?  A gold necklace and a gold spiral ring for accessories did the trick of lifting up the look.  All are oldies except for the shoes.  Not bad --- I thought.

Oh yeah.  I did wear a gold plated watch by Lynx which I purchased from eBay a year ago.  I so love this timepiece… a lot!

It’s Saturday and since I’m not working [which happens not too often] tonight, we’ll be spending a great night with the in-laws for a lovely dinner filled with catching up chats while staying tunes to Who Wants to be a Millionaire, games and yeah… food!  I still haven’t planned on what to wear yet but I am for sure gonna put on a pretty dress.

How about you?  Do you shop a lot when welcoming a new season?  How’s your summer closet doing?

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