Organising a School Summer Fair

by - Saturday, May 18, 2013

As summer approaches, lots of schools will be thinking about their summer fairs. These are great fun for children, parents and teachers alike as stalls take to the playground or field and games take place all afternoon. It’s a fantastic chance for children to meet their friends outside of school hours, and all the parents get to catch up with one another and meet their child’s classmates too. But what do you need to do to make sure your fair runs smoothly?

The number one thing to remember is that while the day should be fun, you should also keep everyone safe. With so many small children around, it’s vital that you keep the boundaries of your field or playground secure. Hire some fencing [http://www.maltaward.co.uk/temporary-security-fencing.php] to make sure the space is kept safe. This means that not only can small children not escape, but also to keep people who haven’t paid to get in away.

On a similar note, make sure you have first aid provisions in place. This might be a couple of representatives from St John’s Ambulance or teachers trained in first aid. Be sure to keep boxes under some of the stalls containing plasters, bandages and safety pins, and explain all the safety rules thoroughly before starting any games.

If you are going to use furniture from inside the school, make sure it’s weatherproof or cover it in waterproof materials such as plastic. This means the furniture won’t get damaged if it rains, but means that you don’t have to buy or hire a whole new range of outdoor furniture. You will need enough tables for all the stalls, and if you are providing food you should make sure there are enough tables and chairs for anyone who wants to sit down to eat.

Before the fair, go to the bank to ensure all the stalls have enough change. It is inevitable that lots of people will arrive with notes, so you’ll need to make sure you have enough coins. Put someone in charge of taking away larger notes for safekeeping, as they shouldn’t be left outside on the stalls for too long.

Check the weather forecast, and if there’s any risk of rain, make alternative plans. Nobody will want to spend their afternoon soaking wet, so there should be a plan in place if the weather turns bad. This might just be a marquee, or you might plan some activities to take place in the school hall if you need to get everyone inside quickly. Sticking to a well-devised plan for the day will mean it’ll go smoothly, and everyone will spend their day entertained.

About the author
: Tina Aragon is a PTA ambassador with more school fairs and fetes to her name than you've had hot dinners!

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