Say It With Stripes

by - Thursday, May 30, 2013

The weather was not topnotch yesterday and yet I took a stroll outside just to take a breath of fresh air.  At 14°C, it was part cloudy and really windy – well, not that terrifying that a spring jacket could not battle.

I met a Filipina friend inside a second hand shop [unplanned but great!] and we chit-chatted for a wee bit.  At around 3.30 PM, we headed downtown where we then parted ways.

A few minutes after the clock hit 4 o’clock, my boyfriend left work and met me in front of a flower shop.  Because visiting an optical shop was written down in my wish list since three months ago, we decided to remove it from the list that very moment.

A new pair of eyeglasses – nope, will not be getting one.  I have two lovely pairs [by PUMA and an unbranded frame] and they’re enough [or are they?].  I have been dawdling having my eyes checked for contact lenses and yesterday has finally arrived to get the plan done.  The first step, I mean which is to book a schedule for the check up.  I’ll be returning by Monday before lunch to have it done.  Happy and excited, I am!

Anyway, I went for a simple look yesterday.  I called it “Say it with stripes” – because of the obvious.  *wink*

I got the off shoulder blouse in green and white stripes at TriNoMa, Philippines during the last week of March 2010.  It was on super sale so I paid just around Php70 for this piece.  I even bought a yellow and brown stripes of the same style and brand.

Pants by Levi's, shoes by Anica, watch by Esprit and a black Parisian handbag.  Nothing newly bought… all oldies except for the rocking horse necklace which I got from eBay for a surprising $0.99 price tag.  Free shipping, too!

I put on a denim jacket from H&M to keep me warm from the chilly weather.  Almost faded yet still super comfy!  I it to bits!

Have a pretty day everyone! 

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