Socks As Gifts? Why Not?

by - Sunday, May 05, 2013

Most people consider socks as one of the worst gifts no matter what the occasion is.  Well, good thing is I am not most people.  Those gifts that you pick without giving any thought - those are the terrible ones.  Socks, on the other hand, are great especially when you get to choose the right theme the recipient needs and wants.

Below are pretty awesome socks and reasons why they can be cool gifts:

1. Diabetic socks.

Yes.  You’ve read that right.  Designed with fully cushioned foot, ventilation panels, relaxation panels for gentle grip and comfort toe seam features - these special socks are excellent gifts to those who are diagnosed with diabetes.  Looking for a pair or two for someone [oh.. I am!]?  Then drop by H J Sock Group LTD diabetic socks.  They have quite a number in their collection!

2. Cute, fun socks.

I so want one.  Oh.  Make that two or more!  Fun socks with 3D characters stitched onto them are cute, gorgeous and will definitely be appreciated by girls [and women] of all ages.  I mean, wouldn’t this pair make you smile?

Photo credit: indulgy.com 

3. Toast socks.

Call me crazy but I just can’t get enough of thick knitted socks.  In Sweden where really cold dark winter months are long, toast socks give my frozen feet the warmth and care they need.  I am happy to say that I never fail to get at least one pair of knit socks every Christmas.

Photo credit: peteralexander.com.au

How about you?  Will you be happy to receive any of the socks mentioned above?  Will you buy someone a pair of themed socks as a gift?

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