Spring Watch Trends for Him

by - Monday, May 20, 2013

Spring is a great time to consider updating your watch and opting for something a little more stylish. But  with so many designs and looks to choose from it can be difficult to know where to start.
To help you pick your perfect timepiece check out these top five spring watch trends:

1. Go for gold

This season statement watches are definitely a look to follow, especially if they are made of gold. You could choose to stand out with a bold all-over gold design, or instead could use this precious metal as an accent colour around the dial. Perhaps you could even combine it with stainless steel to create a two-tone effect?
If you’re married and are wearing a gold wedding band then this trend could coordinate particularly well, while also complementing all skin tones.

Gold has a reputation for looking rather flash, but by checking out sites such as B-jeweled.co.uk you can find luxury watches at affordable prices.

2. Pastel perfection

Women’s fashion always gets hooked on pale hues come spring, but this year men are also embracing pastel shades within their wardrobe. However, if the idea of wearing a canary yellow, baby pink or lavender shirt sounds a little too adventurous then why not accessorise with these colours instead?
Watches offer a good chance to try out new shades which you wouldn’t normally wear, and with the bulk of the colour featuring on the strap it could brighten up your outfits without overpowering them.

3.  Square-faced chic

Round clockfaces will never drift out of fashion, however this spring is all about geometric designs and edgy shapes.

This means that square and rectangular dials are a must-have buy and a chic change from the classic circular faces. Designers such as Hugo Boss and Guess have a wide selection of angular shapes on offer, using a variety of colours and metals, so you have plenty of choices.

4. Motoring magic

Watches may be classed as a form of jewellery, but they can be far from feminine, especially if they are inspired by technology and motoring.

Gadget fans have long been impressed by timepieces which feature multiple dials and functions, and now motoring fans can get in on the action, with car manufacturers keen to widen their offerings.

Porsche have unveiled a selection of titanium designs, each featuring dashboard-like clockfaces, which are sure to appeal to fans of the sports vehicles and owners alike. With chunky chain straps and stylish dials decorating one side, these are sure to be a hit this spring, whether bought as an investment piece or a gift.

5. Classic gentleman

Timeless designs with a focus on quality are a fashion perennial, and make fantastic gifts for special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. Choosing something with a glossy leather strap and a slick clockface is essential if you want to wear your watch for years to come, safe in the knowledge that it won’t need replacing or changing to suit your style and age.

A black or brown leather strap will complement all colour schemes, and for the face itself you’ll need to consider what precious metal you tend to wear so that you can coordinate it with any jewellery you may already own such as rings, bracelets or chain necklaces.

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