The Glamorous World of Designer Fashion in Singapore

by - Tuesday, May 14, 2013

They say that 'clothes make the man', well they make the woman as well. In today's highly fashion conscious world, the importance of a person's attire has increased a lot. It is not surprising if people judge your personality by the clothes or accessories you wear. This importance of appearance and attire is not limited to one country or culture but instead is a worldwide phenomenon. Fashion has long been associated with glamour and beauty in every country. This has given rise to many fashion houses like Prada to set up shop in different countries of the world including Singapore.
​Designer fashion in Singapore even when designed by international designers, keeps the local culture and sensibilities in mind. Singapore has grown and grown fast into an international business hub. It is also a great place for higher education especially favored by Asian students. This is the reason that the people and especially the youth of this country are acutely conscious of international trends in fashion. However, they do not blindly copy what the international fashion magazines publish, but like to exhibit their own individuality in the clothes that they wear. They like to make small style statements like advocating their choice of music by wearing a T shirt that they may have received at a music concert of their choice. At the same time fashion in Singapore is very practical and wearable as compared to some of the impractical designs we often see on European runways.
It is true that the design that works in the US will not work in an Asian country or even in Europe. This is the reason that international designer houses design different lines of clothes and accessories for different countries and cultures. Prada is one of the most renowned fashion houses that was established as a leather goods shop in Milan in the year 1913. The founders of the company were Mario Prada and his brother Martino. This single leather goods shop grew into the now huge designer house of fashion with a formidable reputation. They have a very tangible presence in Singapore which can rival any of the best designer brands in this country. They have a large number of state of the art retail outlets and their products are also available online.
Singaporean fashion is more about the youth and youthful designs are more popular here. This does not mean that the older generation is not conscious about fashion. People who can afford designer fashion definitely opt for the best available. Designer clothes are not just meant for special occasions either. The affluent people in Singapore dress in designer clothes even in their day to day lives. This is the reason that prêt [casual] designer wear is very popular in this country. This again emphasizes the practical choice in design of the people of Singapore in general. It is not as if Haute couture does not have a presence or a market in this country. It is just that the high fashion ornate designs are usually meant only for special occasions and in their daily life the people and especially the youth of Singapore prefer more wearable and practical clothes which have a higher emphasis on comfort than on appearance.
Apart from clothes people also opt for accessories like bags, shoes, perfumes, sunglasses, etc. marketed by renowned designer brands. The average Singaporean is basking in the glory of the success of his/her country on the international scenario. Apart from international designers, Singapore has its own breed of local designers who create fashion for this up beat market. These designers may be trained in Singapore or abroad but have a thorough knowledge of what international fashion is all about. They weave their own sensibilities into the designs that they create. The result of this is an entire range of designer clothes and accessories that are international in quality and yet have an intrinsically Singaporean feel about them. Designers of Singapore have also made their mark in the international market and they are providing designer clothes to many Asian countries. Some Western countries are also indulging in Singaporean fashion garments and accessories. In all Singapore is a country with a defined and refined taste for designer apparel which is international in its appeal and yet has the basic signature of the culture of Singapore.
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