The Ruby Anniversary Has Arrived, But What To Buy?

by - Friday, May 10, 2013

As each wedding anniversary goes by it is not uncommon to feel an increasing obligation to improve the gift standard. Some believe each year of happy commitment deserves more money and some believe it deserves more thought, but really the emphasis should be on making your partner happy, rather than topping the year before. After several decades the desire for more gifts in the form of physical products is greatly reduced, as you look around the living room and can’t think of anything else you could possibly need or want. This is where the experience gift comes into play and makes a fantastic Ruby Wedding Anniversary Gift.

Not everyone loves the experience day as much as others, but it is becoming increasingly popular as people realise that memories can often be more precious than material objects and experiencing something new is priceless. The possibilities are endless and the true joy in this present comes from being able to customise it for the individual. Everything from the food to the destination can be made specifically with the recipient in mind, so if they are vegan, for example, then consider this when booking.

While some people prefer something adventurous and active, others will opt for something cultural and relaxing. The key thing to remember with this type of gift is that you need to know the recipient well. Spending a day doing something you don’t enjoy or aren’t interested in is not the best way to spend your anniversary. So, if you are buying for your partner this shouldn’t be a problem, but if you are buying an experience day for a family member or friend celebrating their Ruby Wedding Anniversary then think about what you know about them. If necessary drop a few clues and dig a little to find out what they have always wanted to do and what they have already done.

The options for an experience day extend as far as your imagination does. You don’t need to invest in a ready-made package if you don’t want to. It is simple enough to plan out your own experience, but it will take a little planning and can be time consuming if you want to get it perfect. Nowadays the packages take everything into consideration so all aspects from the dining plans to the transport are planned out. However, it is a good idea to double check all the details in case there is something that is not suitable for the couple, such as food options, or a limited time period in which the couple can book it. Keep things as flexible as possible so that they can make the most of it.

Popular activity ideas include go-karting, Formula 1 days, paintballing and archery, but of course there are many more options than these listed here. Cultural days can be theatre tickets, tours around cities, book launches or even workshops. If there is something you want to do the likelihood is that there is a package to go along with it. Simply take a little time to source the best package with the most honest and positive reviews. Don’t accept that something is good simply because it is expensive. Experience days within major cities, such as London are the best option as there is always something to do if you have time to spare.  The Deluxe West End Theatre & Dinner for two is perfect for any occasion and any anniversary, but it is particularly suitable for the Ruby Wedding Anniversary Gift because it is an experience that two can share and another memory to add to their lifetime together.

About the author: Elizabeth A. Wright; professional blogger and gift-giver. Elizabeth believes in taking her time over the gift-buying experience and making it as much fun as possible. She writes on behalf of Personalised Pressies.

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