Tips on How to Save Money on Car Rentals

by - Thursday, May 09, 2013

Renting a car doesn’t always have to be heavy on your wallet. Whether you want to book an exclusive limo for a wedding ceremony, or take a ride in a rental car in the town for outings, simply follow these ten effective tips to save money on your next car rental.

1. Book reservation as early as you can.

The best and the cheapest cars are the ones that usually run out of stock. Save yourself few extra dollars on a forced upgrade by reserving the rental car as soon you have made plans for travel.

2. Compare car rental sites’ offer.

When you are looking for best deal for car rentals, then don't forget to check out three different sources - the company's website, the local office, and the 1-800 numbers - as their rates fluctuates a bit. Check out these 3 to compare rates against local travel sites.

3. If possible, book a smallest rental car.

Book the smallest rentals that fit your requirements in its category, and if you're lucky, expect to see a free upgrade to a bigger-sized when the later runs out of stock. Rental firms often overbook smaller cars, which eventually leads to upgrade of their customers. Don't hesitate and take a chance. Who knows the lucky one could be you.

4. Bring your very own baby car seat.

If you are traveling with your kid, make sure to bring your own seat for the safety and comfort of the baby. This way you'll probably save at least $10 by avoiding the baby seat offered by the rental car provider. However, you don't have to think about this if you will be traveling in a mini-van that usually have an in-built safety seats.

5. Check to see if the rental service provider has restrictions where you can take them.

If you are thinking about driving across the border, talk to a car rental agent to ensure that it's OKAY with them before making a deal.
Likewise, the "unlimited mileage" rates offered by certain car rental companies don’t include some states. So if you aren't aware of this, you are likely get drowned by high bill later.

6. Avoid rental insurance if possible.

Rental insurance isn't always required as many rental agencies make you believe. Before signing the contract, ask a staff at the auto insurance provider to figure out whether your coverage covers to rentals as well. Often it does!

7. Request for discounts.

Hoping to get better price than what's quoted? Well, simply ask for it. Rental agencies have all kinds of discounts offers, including AAA and AARP. Many other are also likely low their price just to beat their competitor's. Sneak around for better deal, and you may likely receive it.

8. Fill the gas by yourself.

Many rental companies often charge huge surplus charge if you don't return their car with a full tank. Read the rental contract, particularly to be sure whether you need fill the gas or not. Whenever necessary, fill up the car full before handing them back.
So whether you were searching for best deals on car rentals or exclusive limo, these  helpful tips should help you find it quickly.
About the author: Exclusive Limo & Car Rentals is Singapore’s premier luxury car rental and limousine company. We provide a complete range of transport services and our business philosophy of 'Quality Service to Customers at all times' ensures that we constantly strive to serve you with our best, and with a smile. Feel free to call me on my hp: 9101 8983 for any queries.

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