Tips on Moving Out of the United States

by - Thursday, May 23, 2013

In today's world, more people than ever are on the move.  Long-distance relationships, changing jobs and moving closer to family are just a few of the reasons people pick up and move somewhere else.  Most of the time, the moves are relatively simple and can range from moving a block up the street to across the country.  However, for some people they take the move a bit further and actually move out of the United States into a foreign nation.  While this is a major step in someone's life, there are a few tips to help make the move a smooth transition.

Moving to another country, possibly to work for international companies in Egypt [http://egypt.dubizzle.com/en/jobs/search/], requires much thought, extremely good organizational skills and, perhaps most importantly, financial resources.  Before moving to another country, a person should have done several months of research into potential jobs, places to live, its laws and customs and other pertinent information.  

If possible, it's always best to have a job lined up in the new country of residence.  If that's not the case, it can be one or two months, and maybe more, before employment can be found.  Many people check out the job market online, or even arrange a trip to the country a couple of months prior to moving.  If working for a major corporation, it may be possible to simply arrange for a transfer to an office or other entity within that country, making the transition much easier.  However, most people who make these moves aren't in this situation, and many are making major career moves or changes.
Just as having a job lined up in a new country is important, so is having a place to live.  If possible, making a trip in person is an effective way to ensure securing proper housing.  This is highly recommended when traveling to a place that is somewhat unfamiliar, letting a person test the waters before making the permanent move.  If renting a place to stay, there are a few things to remember.  First of all, staying in an extended stay hotel can add up in a hurry, so keep that in mind.  Next, most countries do not do credit checks, but instead require a recent bank statement for verification of funds. 

It's a good idea to have the first and last month's rent with you, but most countries don't require  a last month's rent payment.  However, it may come in handy if you are still looking for a job and being new to the area.  Offering this payment may put a landlord's mind at ease enough to let you go ahead and move in.  
When making the move, carefully consider what needs to be shipped to your new home.  Anything not needed should be sold, or at least put into storage.  Large items may cost more to ship than they are worth, but smaller items like pictures, books and other items can be shipped for a minimal price.  Clothing, shoes and other items can be packed and brought with you on the airplane.  Try to have as few bags as possible, since each bag checked costs about $35 apiece.  

Of course, when traveling abroad a passport is necessary.  Make sure you have yours, and that it won't expire during the move.  If you need a passport, make sure you get all the necessary documentation for it at least six weeks ahead of time, or the move could get delayed.  If needed, apply for a visa.  Some countries require travelers to apply for a visa before entering their borders.  It's best to check each individual country's requirements before setting out.  As stated earlier, have a recent bank statement to show proof of funds available to live on for awhile.  Entrance to a country could be denied if it is thought a person has no visible means of support.  

If you don't already have health insurance, it's a good idea to purchase a policy that covers international travel.  A bad situation could quickly turn worse if illness should strike in a new country while having no insurance.  It's usually up to each individual nation to choose how they handle patients with no health insurance, so it's better to have it from the beginning to avoid any problems.  

Moving to another country, be it Egypt or somewhere else, can be a very exciting time in a person's life.  The opportunity to immerse one's self in a new culture and begin a new way of life is very tempting to many people.  By following the above-mentioned steps, making the move to a new country should be much easier and stress-free.    

About the author
: Oliver Makki, a Content Copywriter that works for Dubizzle Egypt - a leading classified website in Egypt.

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