Top 5 Costumes for Fancy Dress in the Summer Season

by - Friday, May 10, 2013

If you've ever watched the London Marathon and found yourself panicked by those huge fluffy costumes with some poor runner sweltering and buried inside, then this list will show you that when it comes to the season of heat, it doesn't have to be completely overwhelming. Read on for 5 great fancy dress ideas that'll have heads turning when the temperature soars.

Get the Hawaiian look

Hawaii: Hula parties, endless white beaches and beauty everywhere, not to mention babes and hunks, cocktails and late-night parties. With such stunning inspiration, how can you really go wrong?

Where fancy dress is concerned, grass skirts are ideal for the girls, and the boys won't be far behind with their shirts unbuttoned and some cool Ray-Ban's on. What's more, there are a massive amount of costume ideas to choose from. The girls could go for a party dress printed with those gorgeous summer colours, or they could instead opt for a simple functional bra and have a rainbow Lei draped around their neck.

Hawaiian flowery bras are also a firm favourite, and even the men out there who struggle with colour should be able to find something to suit their more refined taste. Finish the costumes off with some flip-flops and even a hat and you have yourself an outfit that's easily adapted to suit a huge range of tastes.

Something for the safe and sexy

The bikini. Once, TV screens everywhere were graced by a woman who went by the name of Pamela Anderson. Pamela might not have known it at the time, but she was right there at the brink of a safe and sexy revolution.

We're talking smoking-hot red bikinis, of course. Pair one of these up with a sweet little jacket for when the night draws in, and you have yourself a winning fancy dress outfit that will make anyone put their hand up and beg to be rescued. The men won't be left out either, of course. When Baywatch arrived, guys everywhere suddenly wanted to run along the beach in shorts and do push-ups.

While wearing a pair of tight orange shorts won't instantly give you that have-just-done-push-ups look, carrying a float and looking thoughtful as you enter the party will. For max effect, sunglasses and a professional lifeguard's float are nothing less than essential. Both are available from suppliers, who have all kinds of accessories to go along with the look, such as sun-tan, oil and hair gel to get that really-slick appearance.

Miss World coming through

Miss World. Nothing says sexy like it, and few other costumes draw eyes so well. More than anything, it's a great look for any woman who needs a good excuse to put her make-up on and undergo a full-body pamper. Combine this with luxurious hair, or a wig, and you have yourself an inexpensive fancy dress costume that you can find almost anywhere.

One of the best things about the Miss World costume is the opportunities for adaptation. For example, not everyone wants their skin to be on show, and with this outfit, the good news is you don't always have to show it. For the refined Miss World you can go for a more fetching bikini and a bigger sash. Gloves are always worth making the effort for, it's true, and men with an adventurous streak can even be found at garden parties all over the country, standing in the corner, making moody alluring Miss World eyes.

Anyone up for doctors and nurses?

While the wards of NHS hospitals everywhere are chock-a-block with rushing nurses and serious-faced doctors, house parties of the UK are filled with men and women playing that same role but with a twist.

That's right, when it comes to playing doctors or nurses, there are all kinds of fancy dress options. Either don the white coat and stethoscope and walk around the party with a clipboard, playing the part of the consultant, or play the role of the sultry nurse who has just stumbled onto a movie set and needs a drink fast.

One of the best things about these costumes is how light they are. As a doctor or nurse, you'll never over-heat in sunshine, and you can always add more layers for when the party moves indoors or the clouds roll over.

Mysterious or smart, full of thought or not sure about the diagnosis, you'll never run out of options here.

About the author: A natural born writer, Stacey Barton writes professionally and for fun across a wide range of niches with particular attention to how classic brands can continue to offer the same product for decades and somehow survive the turbulent and ever changing consumer market.

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