Top Wedding Themes for Summer 2013

by - Saturday, May 11, 2013

Most couples would agree summer is the perfect time to hold a wedding, as the warmer temperatures mean people can toast to the newlyweds in the sunshine and soak up the party atmosphere while admiring glorious scenery. Read on to hear our top three wedding trends for this summer.


Holding a summer wedding is the perfect excuse to get dressed up and try out a more adventurous theme, such as nautical.

The style is set to really take off among couples this June and July, so why don't you and your loved one adopt a navy and gold colour scheme for when you make your vows? The shades are bold, glamorous and guaranteed to linger in the memories of all your guests.

Traditional wedding styles are all well and good, but it's your big day, so you should make it as special - and original - as possible.

When it comes to decorating tableware and the inside of the venue, why not use gold for the drapes, tumblers and plates. You could also make anchors out of papier-mache and place them in the corners of the venue and outside.


This decade is one many brides and grooms-to-be look towards for inspiration for their ceremony, due to the fact it is so diverse and throws up lots of elegant, romantic and summary ideas.

For a 1920s-inspired dress, you should think about finding a garment adorned with lace, as the material is representative of vintage styles and is not too heavy, making it perfect for use in the summertime. Pearls are also a timeless choice for your accessories.

If you're hosting your nuptials at a venue where you've been given creative license over the decor, why not opt for a speakeasy theme? A jazz band playing in the sunshine will impress all of your guests and it'll create a happy, lively atmosphere.

A manor house is likely to be a great choice to tie the knot if you're thinking about this theme, as most locations will boast their own courtyard and gorgeous parkland.

Pure romance

Summer is one of the most romantic times of the year, when couples can enjoy picnics in the sunshine and take long strolls in the evening.

Therefore, why not base your ceremony around the theme of romance? After all, the day is a celebration of both the love you share for your new partner and the friends and family that are gathered around you.

You could consider tying the knot in a barn venue, as they have become massively popular in recent years among couples getting hitched during the warmer months.

There are so many barns dotted around the Great British countryside that are perfect for a rustic, authentic wedding and when the excitement of the day is over, you'll find nothing better than relaxing and watching the sunset. Click here to find out more about holding your barn wedding.

For the flowers, try red roses, as they are the epitome of romance. Little touches such as this will make the day all the more special, so don't just feature them in the bouquet - dot them around the venue and on the dining tables as well.

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