Wearing Floral – Because It’s Spring!

by - Thursday, May 23, 2013

Last Saturday, my boyfriend and I got invited for a family dinner get together at my grandma-in-law’s place.  With runny nose and a hint of fever, I first thought of not going but – Hey!  I don’t want to miss the fun! – I thought.

The weather was nice.  The sun was shining on us although a few balls of clouds were gathered here and there.  Outside temperature was at 14°C, enough to give me the chance to wear something lighter.  And because spring was kicking in and the flowers were starting to bloom, I decided to celebrate that pretty day with a dress in floral prints.

  The H&M floral dress:  

I purchased this cute dress at an H&M shop in London, August of 2011.  It was at 60% off the price tag.  Cool deal, yeah?  I’ll let you in on a little secret --- last Saturday was my first time to wear it. *wink*
The wine red bag is from Zarah [purchased in 2008], old pair of black leggings and a black cardigan from Hollywood [the shop downtown, not the US of A].

  The pair of ballet flats:  

I purchased this pair of flats in the Philippines, March 2010.  Simple, they are.  Comfy?  True that!

The puppy necklace.  Woof!  Woof!  

This woof! woof! fashion piece is something that I find adorable.  All thanks to eBay!  I only paid £0.99 for it.  Free shipping?  Yup!

I am so looking forward to more sunny days.  Unfortunately, it’s started raining yesterday and this wet season is breaking my heart.  Now I’m back to jeans, boots and warm jackets to combat the chilly days.  *sigh*

Anyway, how is it in your side of the world?  Is spring pretty?  Is summer starting to kick in?

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