Coffee in the Kasbah - A Collection of Classic Casablanca Cafes

by - Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The spectacular city of Casablanca, located on the western coast of Morocco, is not only the political and economical heart of this African country, but is also one of the most relaxing and visually magnificent cities that one could ever hope to visit. This mesmerising city may not be as popular with tourists as other Moroccan cities such as Marrakech and Tangiers, yet a trip to this vibrant and splendid cosmopolitan city comes highly recommended.

The old fortresses that make up the world-renowned Kasbah are filled with market traders selling their unique and hand-crafted wares, but it is the fantastic cafes that make the Kasbah such a superb place to hang out.

Perhaps the first image conjured up when thinking about this fabulous Moroccan city is the 1942 hit movie Casablanca and Rick’s Café, situated in the centre of the old Kasbah, is a perfect recreation of the saloon bar made famous by the film. Aside from the décor being totally reminiscent of the bar featured in the classic film, Rick’s Café also offers an outstanding menu and authentic Italian coffee for that perfect and well-deserved break from the sightseeing and shopping that can be experienced here. Set inside an old mansion, this nostalgic café is conveniently located to provide breathtaking views of the old medina and the sprawling Atlantic Ocean. For a romantic evening out, try the many delicious fruity cocktails that are available and enjoy the soulful music performed by the resident jazz pianist. Check out the website at www.rickscafe.ma for more information.

For serious coffee-lovers, try the Mood Café. Open seven days a week for breakfast and remaining open until well into the evening, this relaxed and trendy café offers a magnificent blend of Italian Vergnano, an aromatic and high-end bean. With a fantastic menu that is constantly changing, enjoy brunch on the picturesque terrace and take in the views of the beautiful surroundings.

La Sqala is an alcohol-free café, yet the traditional Moroccan mint tea is absolutely superb here and the huge selection of exotic fruit juices and extensive varieties of coffee is enough to satisfy all tastes. The rustic interior provides a genuinely Moroccan atmosphere and the flower displays that surround the garden terrace area are simply lovely. You can see clear evidence of the influence of the Art Deco movement here with the ornately tiled floors and awe-inspiring architecture. Go to the official website at www.sqala.ma for more details of the food and entertainment that are on offer at this wonderful café.

For a gastronomic experience unlike any other, visit Café M. This unique and sophisticated café can be found within the luxurious Hyatt Regency Hotel Casablanca and boasts Mediterranean and French cuisine that is both elegant and delicious. The wide variety of Moroccan wines and succulent desserts that are available make an evening out at Café M the perfect choice. The coffee selection is second to none and this exquisite hotel is situated in the centre of the city, making it only a stone’s throw away from the impressive Hassan II Mosque, the medina and the popular Quarter of Habbous.

So, for a relaxing experience in one of the most calm and serene cities in the world, and for a splendid collection of wonderful cafes that offer anything from the standard full-flavoured blends to the trendy lattes and cappuccinos that are popular all over the globe, take time out to visit the Kasbah of Casablanca.

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