Gifts For Baptism Viewed As Warm And Comforting

by - Thursday, June 06, 2013

When it comes to gifts for a baptism, there are lots of loving gifts to choose from both online at top gift web sites and at traditional stores that sell such things as baptism crosses, books, photo frames and other christening items.

At the same time, many customers say they find super nice baptism and christening gifts online at St.Patrick's Guild while others say the best way and means to welcome a baby into the world is with gifts that reflect the religious views of the parents.  For example, in this world of many religious beliefs one does not want to offend the parents of a child at baptism with an inappropriate gift.  Thus, the common sense approach to ask the parents what they would like for their child is always a good idea.

Choosing gifts for a baptism

The gift of a baptism or christening blanket is viewed by many parents as a "safe" gift that will not offend any family's religious beliefs.  In turn, the occasion of a child's baptism is celebrated as a Christian rite of admission that usually involves the use of water in the ceremony.  Thus, the idea for gifts should reflect this particular religious tradition.

Moreover, this baptism ceremony is also called christening because it evokes an act that's linked to Jesus Christ with water is traditionally sprinkled over the head of a baby with family and friends in attendance.  After the baptism, there is a party where gifts are presented to the baby's parents as a token of respect and admiration.
In addition, the most popular baptism gifts for the baby often includes those items that reflect both the religious and family aspects of the baptismal ceremony.  For example, Catholic, Protestant, Lutheran and Anglican christening ceremonies often feature images of angels.  In turn, a guardian angel picture frame is a nice and practical gift for the occasion.

The other top baptism gifts -- sold both online at special gift web sites and at traditional stores -- that seem to be popular, include:

  • Baby baptism crosses
  • Baptism and christening themed books
  • Baby photo frames and lockets
  • Baptism themed statues with baby or angel themes
  • Baptism themed wall art creations with angels, Jesus and babies featured
  • A set of special baby rosary beads
  • Special cards for the occasion
  • Christening shoes and socks for the baby
  • Special christening gowns for baby
  • Godparent gifts, such as photo frames and books

Also, the view from parents - who have had their child baptised and hosted a successful family event - is that it is always best to check with the family for advice on what they need for the special day.  For example, one mother explained online that at her daughter's baptism they received seven different christening blankets when they only needed one.

Overall, the baptism or christening of a baby is all about religious symbolism.  In turn, the gifts for the occasion should focus on this ceremony of rebirth with water and the spirit of God, say religious experts.

… written by Sophia Inen, a student at the University of Maryland studying journalism and psychology. She enjoys writing on religious personal experiences in her spare time.

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